Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Diversion Křtiny - Březina

From: 7/17/22 10:00 PM

To: 10/31/22 10:59 PM

From 18 July to 31 October 2022, there will be a closure between Křtiny and Březina.

Line 201 between the Březina, Táborská and Křtiny stops, the cinema will be diverted along road II/373 according to the closure timetable. On the route it will skip the stops Bukovina, rozc.2.0 and Křtiny, pivovar. Selected connections will go to Březina village by a diversion.
Line 157 is routed along the normal route with a closure timetable containing time shifts.

!Transfer between lines 157 and 201!
Transfers between lines 157 and 201 from the stop Bukovina, div. 2.0 will be moved to the stop Křtiny, kino.

Change of stops:
Křtiny, pivovar - only line 157 stops
Bukovina, rozc. 2.0 - stops only line 157
Březina, Lhotky, rozc. 1.7, u sokolovny, u pomníku - line 201 stops at the stops according to the direction of travel. At the stop Lhotky, rozc. 1.7 buses are turning around.
Březina, škola - the stop is restored for connecting services in both directions.
Březina, Táborská - in the direction of Křtiny the standard stop is used. In the direction of Brno an alternative stop in front of the junction is used (for all connections).

Timetables :