Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Transporting animals and luggage


Within IDS JMK, you can transport luggage, small animals, sports equipment, bikes and scooters. Dangerous objects cannot be transported.


Hand luggage , meaning a cuboid-shaped object with a maximum size of 20 x 30 x 50 cm; a flat object with a maximum size of 100 x 80 x 5 cm; a cylinder-shaped object with a maximum length of 150 cm and a 10 cm diameter.

With a 'Reduced A' fare single ticket, the following luggage may be transported: objects larger than hand luggage not larger than 100 x 150 x 5 cm with cuboid-shaped objects; not larger than 100 x 150 x 5 cm with flat objects; cylinder-shaped objects with a maximum length of 300 cm and a 20 cm diameter. The weight cannot exceed 50 kg (excl. wheelchairs).

Larger objects cannot be transported.

Luggage free of charge

In all of IDS JMK, the following objects can be transported for free:
  • a child's stroller
  • scooters up to 120 cm length
  • a single pair of skis including ski poles
  • a snowboard
  • a sleigh
  • a bobsled
  • a single shopping bag with wheels

Bikes and electric bikes

Bikes and electric bikes may be transported:
  • within zones 100 and 101 on trams, trolleybuses and buses numbered 1 to 99;
  • on any train lines within IDS JMK;
  • on regional buses marked with a bike symbol in the timetable. Getting on and off with a bike is possible only at stops marked with the same symbol.
Bike and electric bike fares:
  • single ticket for bike valid in all zones for 180 minutes for 35 CZK.
  • for an all-day trip, an 24 hours ticket for a bike at 70 CZK may be a good choice;
  • for shorter trips full-price ticket;
  • season tickets holders for zones 100 and 101 may transport bikes within these zones for free;
  • at non-working days 2 adults + 3 children up to 15 can travel with one full-price 24-hours ticket. Instead of child a bike, dog or luggage can be transported. It means that e.g. in non-working day two adults + 2 bikes can travel with one 24-hours ticket.

See more information on how to get around with a bike on this page.

Large scooters

Scooters with a length over 120 cm may be transported for luggage fares ('Reduced A' fare). Transport is possible only with enough capacity inside the vehicle.


Wheelchairs are transported for free by owners of ZTP and ZTP/P cards.


Dogs may be transported with a single 'Reduced A' fare ticket. For an all-day trip, an all-day ticket for a dog / a piece of luggage at 95 CZK may be a good choice.

Small animals within a contained box

Small animals may be transported only within a contained box within the parameters for luggage size. In those cases, animals may be transported for free. If a dog is transported in a box, free transport is also possible.