Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region


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Poseidon App

Put an end to the eternal hesitation about which ticket to buy, where, and how. The IDS JMK POSEIDON App allows you to easily purchase cheaper tickets and additionally obtain a variety of necessary information for traveling in southern Moravia. If you pre-load money onto your virtual account using a transfer or bank card in POSEIDON, you can even buy tickets cheaper in POSEIDON than from the driver or at the counter. However, a direct payment by bank card is also possible, in which case you will pay the standard price. The app also supports payment via Apple Pay and Google Pay, making ticket payment more convenient than ever! You can save your favorite tickets and easily purchase them next time. Purchased tickets are valid in all IDS JMK zones, in city transport, trains, and regional buses. However, it is necessary to consider that they become valid with a certain delay after purchase.

The IDS JMK Poseidon App is not intended for subscription tickets; it is exclusively intended for the purchase of one-time tickets and cannot be used for electronic subscription tickets!

The app itself will find the necessary connection and determine which ticket you need for your journey. Just choose the type of fare and confirm. There are two types of tickets - those issued for a specific route (My Tickets) or so-called Fast Tickets, which are issued only from a specific zone for a certain number of zones. Both types cost the same. In Fast Tickets, you will also find one-day tickets for passengers, bicycles, or dogs, as well as tickets for all zones for 3 and 5 days. You don't have to use the IDS JMK Poseidon App only within the South Moravian Region! In the |TICKETS| and |SMS| sections, in addition to SMS tickets for the city of Brno, you can also purchase SMS tickets for selected cities in the Czech Republic. Tickets from the app can be purchased for the cities of Cheb, Hradec Králové, Karlovy Vary, Liberec, Olomouc, Ostrava, Pardubice, Plzeň, Prague, Sokolov, Tábor, Zlín and Otrokovice, Ústí nad Labem, and České Budějovice. POSEIDON is advantageous even for larger groups of passengers! Until now, every passenger in the group had to buy their own ticket. Now, in Poseidon, you can purchase one type of ticket for up to 10 passengers at once.

Useful Features

  • Purchase one-time tickets
  • Find connections
  • Discover nearest departures from nearby stops with real-time delay
  • Check current vehicle locations on the map
  • Download valid timetables or network maps
  • Check the current traffic situation, and much more

Moms, do you want to keep track of how much your children spend on fares? Set up a single account and transfer money to it. No matter how many children you have, they can all connect to this single account through their mobile phones and gradually use the funds. You can also involve your husband and have one account for the whole family. Do you find yourself visiting and not knowing when the next departure is? You no longer have to enter your location complicatedly. Just launch POSEIDON and check the Departures option - it will show you departures from nearby stops. You just need to select the nearest one.

Use your favorite stops - at your place of residence, work, or school, display departures from nearby stops and mark the relevant stop as a favorite with a star. Subsequently, connections will be easy to search for because it will only take one click instead of typing an address or stop. When purchasing a ticket, use the "New Ticket" and "Save to Favorites" options. Next time, you'll just need to click on your favorite ticket, significantly shortening your purchase process. You can use the app even without loaded funds. Money is loaded onto your virtual account via a payment card or bank transfer. If your bank supports instant payments, your account credit will appear within an hour. If you're sending money from another bank without instant payment options, it will typically appear on the following business day.

Students can enter their ISIC card into the app for so-called pre-verification of the discount. When this is done, you won't need to present your ISIC card during your travels; the app will handle it for you. In response to passengers' requests, our recent updates also feature the ability to display the entire route of a searched connection after tapping on it. We've also simplified the process of loading credit to your account; you can now easily copy your account number and variable symbol, avoiding the need for complex manual input. Additionally, the app displays the complete transaction history of your account.

If you're moving away from our region and won't be using POSEIDON anymore, you don't need to worry about the money stored in your virtual account within POSEIDON. We will return your funds to you without any charges. Simply request an account cancellation directly in the app's settings, and we will transfer your balance to you within approximately 14 days.

Travel with Poseidon for Better Deals

After registration and login, the Poseidon app allows you to top up your virtual account with money, which you can then use to pay for one-time tickets. If you have credit in the app, the tickets are cheaper than their paper counterparts. You can top up your credit either through a bank transfer or directly with a payment card. When paying with a bank card, the credit is added immediately. With a bank transfer, it may take up to 3 days for the money to be transferred.

Examples of the prices of basic tickets through the app with loaded credit:

Ticket Type Single Ticket Paid from Credit Single Paper Ticket Price Difference
2 zones | 60 minutes 22 CZK 25 CZK 3 CZK
6 zones | 120 minutes 51 CZK 57 CZK 6 CZK
All zones | 240 minutes 102 CZK 113 CZK 11 CZK
Regional Ticket | 24 hours 110 CZK 130 CZK 20 CZK

If you forget to provide a variable symbol when topping up credit through a bank transfer, don't worry. Payments received without a specified variable symbol are usually returned to the payer's bank account within one month. Top up your credit again and wait for the refund of the original payment without a variable symbol; there's no need to contact us.

Generating Tax Documents in the App

Within Poseidon, you can generate tax documents for purchased tickets. These are complete tax documents available in electronic form, which you can also use for accounting purposes. To generate a tax document, simply navigate to the CREDIT section in the main menu and click on the TAX DOCUMENT tab at the top of the screen. Fill in the form with your email address to receive the documents and specify the time period, then confirm.

Download the IDS JMK Poseidon App

POSEIDON App for Older Phones

On this link, you can download the POSEIDON app for older mobile devices. Users need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources outside of Google Play in their phone settings. Additionally, they should disable automatic updates for the IDS JMK Poseidon app in Google Play to avoid installing the latest version, which might not work on their phone. If the new version of Poseidon doesn't work on the phone, users need to uninstall it and delete its data. Then, use the installation APK to install the previous version 5.2.561. Although it's marked as compatible with Android version 4, it actually works from Android 5 (minimum version 5.0 or 5.1).

Download Older Version of the App Here

Vehicle Tracking (iRIS)

As part of the Poseidon app, or as a separate app or web interface, you can use the traffic map of IDS JMK to track the real-time location of all vehicles within IDS JMK. The web interface is available at Another option is a mobile application for Android and iOS platforms.

The application displays the current location of all vehicles within the IDS JMK system, including public transport in Brno, Blansko, Kyjov, Břeclav, Vyškov, Adamov, Hodonín, Znojmo, regional buses, trains, and other vehicle-related information. Vehicle positions are transmitted through the dispatch centers CEDRIS and RIS. The vehicle location is updated approximately every 10 seconds.

The web application offers intuitive features:


The application includes numerous functions that allow searching for vehicles based on various parameters such as vehicle number and fleet number, vehicle type (traction), or specific line number. The filter also enables selecting vehicles based on their manufacturer or type. The ability to filter low-floor vehicles is included, which is particularly useful for mothers with prams and passengers with mobility challenges. The application also displays the position of boats on the Brno reservoir!

Vehicle List

You can also view a list of vehicles, all conveniently presented in a single column. You can sort the lines according to your preferences.


Under the bus symbol, you'll find a search tool for current departures from specific stops. Just enter the stop's name in the search bar. The information displays departure time, line number, direction, possible low-floor status, and departure stand number.

Traffic Incidents

Under the warning triangle symbol, you'll find traffic incidents within IDS JMK. These include service disruptions, significant delays, and potential weather conditions that impact the system's operation. The same incidents are also displayed in the IDS JMK Poseidon app, on Twitter, or on the website


Under the gear icon, you'll find the app's settings. Enabling the "Interruptions" option will display warning triangle symbols on the map, indicating planned or ongoing service interruptions, relocated stops, or other long-term traffic incidents. With the "Stops" option, all stops will be shown on the map. The stop's location on the map corresponds precisely to its real-world position. Clicking on a stop icon displays its name, tariff zone, and current departures for all lines. Enabling the "Zones" function displays color-coded areas on the map based on tariff zones. This allows you to easily identify the zone of a specific stop or the zones a line passes through.

Vehicle Information

In addition to detailed location information, our vehicle map provides a range of useful features such as the current stop, the duration of potential delays, the operator, and the location of air conditioning within the vehicle. You can also view the schedule for the specific service. We've partnered with and websites, and thanks to this collaboration, you can access vehicle details, including photographs. The vehicle tracking map is available not only for web browsers but also as a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms. We will continue to improve the app.

Download the IRIS - Vehicle Location App

Personal Data Protection Information

KORDIS JMK, a.s. takes care of the protection of personal data of POSEIDON application users. To address concerns about their possible misuse, we want to inform you about how the data you provide when purchasing a ticket is handled.

Regarding personal data, we store email addresses, names, surnames, phone numbers of users, and the tickets they purchased. These data are encrypted in the database and are accessible only to a limited group of KORDIS JMK employees and system suppliers. We do not generally share this data with third parties. The email is used for occasional communications related to the POSEIDON application and occasional offers associated with it (e.g., free consumer contests for its users). By registering into the application, users consent to the collection of the mentioned data. Providing the name, surname, and phone number for a ticket is necessary to verify whether the traveler has not sent the same ticket to multiple people. This is a standard procedure used for most electronic tickets. Users have the right to request the deletion of their account and personal data within the POSEIDON application in the Settings or by emailing

The automated vehicle location data system of IDS JMK - is operated by KORDIS JMK, a.s. Technical information, diagrams, and vehicle photos are provided by the server. The author bears no responsibility for potential damages caused by incorrect information. Usage of data (robotic data scraping) from this application and any part of its code in other applications is prohibited without the author's consent! Vehicle location data is provided by DPMB, ČD, and regional carriers within IDS JMK.

The development of the IDS JMK POSEIDON application was co-financed by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE program - YOUMOBIL project.