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Poseidon App

No more hesitation about what ticket to buy, where and how. The IDS JMK POSEIDON application allows you to easily buy a cheaper ticket and, in addition, to obtain a range of necessary information for travelling around South Moravia.

What's new in the app

  • Students - introduction of the ISIC card pre-authentication option - you no longer need to show your ISIC on the train, POSEIDON will show it for you. Changes to discounts from 1.4.2022
  • In the searched connection, the entire route of the connection is displayed by double tapping the entire route of the connection
  • If you are charging your account by wire transfer, you can now easily copy the account number and variable symbol
  • The app will now display the entire history of account movements
  • For connections for which a single ticket cannot be sold, you will now be referred to |Fast Tickets|
  • Other minor adjustments and repairs

If you pre-load money to your virtual account in POSEIDON by transfer or bank card, you can buy tickets in POSEIDON even cheaper than with the driver or at the ticket office. However, direct payment by bank card is also possible, in which case you will pay the standard price. The app also supports payment via Apple Pay and Google Pay , paying for tickets has never been more convenient! You can save your favourite tickets and easily buy them next time. Purchased tickets are valid in all IDS JMK zones, in urban transport, trains and regional buses. However, it should be taken into account that they start to be valid with a certain delay from the time of purchase.

The app finds the connection you need and searches for the ticket you need for your journey. Simply select the fare type and confirm. Tickets are of two types - either issued for a specific route (My tickets) or so-called Fast tickets, which are issued only from a specific zone for a certain number of zones. Both types cost the same. In the Fast Tickets you will also find one-day tickets for a passenger, bicycle or dog or tickets for all zones for 3 and 5 days.

You do not have to use the IDS JMK Poseidon application only on the territory of the South Moravian Region! In the section |TICKETS| and |SMS| you can not only buy SMS tickets for the city of Brno but also SMS tickets for selected cities in the Czech Republic. You can buy tickets from the app for cities Cheb, Hradec Králové, Karlovy Vary, Liberec, Olomouc, Ostrava, Pardubice, Plzeň, Praha, Sokolov, Tábor, Zlín a Otrokovice, Ústí nad Labem a České Budějovice.

POSEIDON is also convenient for larger groups of passengers! Until now, each passenger in a group had to buy their own ticket. Now you can buy a ticket of one type for up to 10 passengers at the same time in Poseidon.

Moms, want to keep track of how much your kids are spending on fares? Set up one account to which you will transfer money. No matter how many children you have, they can all connect to this single account via their mobile phone and draw money from it over time. You can also include your spouse and have one account for the whole family.

Do you happen to be visiting and you don't know when the next connection is? You don't have to enter your location. Just launch POSEIDON and look in the Departures option - it will show you departures from the nearest stops. Just choose which one is closest.

The development of the ITS JMK POSEIDON application was co-financed by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE programme (YOUMOBIL project).

What does the app do?

  • Find the connection
  • Find the nearest departures from nearby stops with real delays
  • Find out the current locations of vehicles on the map
  • Download valid timetables or network plans
  • Find out the current traffic situationand much more

Poseidon app download

Smart tips in the app

  • Use your favourite stops - where you live, work or school, view departures from the nearest stops and star your favourite stop. Then you can easily search for connections with just one click instead of typing in the address or stop.
  • When buying a ticket, use the "New ticket" and "Save to favourites" options. Next time, all you have to do is click on your favourite ticket and you'll significantly reduce your purchase.
  • You can use the app even without any loaded money. The money in your virtual account is charged by credit card or bank transfer. If your bank supports "instant payments", the credit will appear in your account within an hour. If you are sending money from another bank, without immediate payment options, then it will usually appear the next business day.
  • If you move out of our region and no longer use POSEIDON, you don't have to worry about your money stored in your POSEIDON virtual account. We will return it to you without charge. Just write from the email used for your login to, provide your bank account number and we will transfer your balance within approximately 14 days.

Monitoring the operation of the JMK IDS

You can monitor the traffic in the JMK IDS on-line in real time in two variants. The first one is on the website MAPA IDS JMK, the second option is in the form of a mobile phone app for Android and iOS platforms.

The application displays the current location of all vehicles in the IDS JMK system , including public transport Brno, Blansko, Kyjov, Břeclav, Vyškov, Adamov, Hodonín, Znojmo, regional buses, trains and other vehicle information. Vehicle location is transmitted via traffic dispatchers CEDRIS and RIS. The position of the vehicles is updated approximately every 10 seconds.

The web application has intuitive features:


Numerous features of the app allow you to search for vehicles according to many parameters, such as vehicle number and course number, vehicle type (traction), or a specific line number. However, the filter also allows you to select vehicles by make or type. The ability to filter out vehicles that are low-floor is a given and will be especially appreciated by mothers with strollers and immobile passengers. The app also shows the location of boats on the Brno Dam!

List of vehicles

You can also view a list of vehicles. Everything clearly in one column. You can sort the lines according to your preferences.

Under the bus symbol you will find a search engine for current departures from specific stops. Just enter the name of the stop in the search bar. The information shows the departure time, the line, the direction, the possible low floor and the departure stop number.

Exceptionalities in transport

Under the symbol of the warning triangle there are emergency events in the IDS JMK. From non-running connections, through significant delays to possible adverse weather conditions that affect the system's continuity. The same incidents are then displayed in the IDS JMK Poseidon application, on Twitter ort he web


Under the gear symbol, you will find the application settings. With the selection of a closure, warning triangles will appear on the map, indicating an upcoming or ongoing closure, a transfer of stops or other longer-term traffic emergency. When the STOPS option is enabled, all stops will be displayed on the map. The location of the stop on the map corresponds exactly to the actual location. Clicking on a stop icon will display the stop name, fare zone and current departures of all lines. When the zone function is activated, colour-coded areas on the map are displayed according to fare zones. You can clearly see in which zone a particular stop is located or which zones a line passes through.

Vehicle information

In addition to detailed location information, our vehicle map shows a number of useful features such as the current stop, the length of any delays, the carrier or the location of the air conditioning in the vehicle, and you can also view the timetable. We joined forces with websites bmhd.cza, Thanks to this connection, you can also view details about the vehicle itself, including photos. The location tracking map is available not only for the web browser, but also as a mobile phone app. You can currently download the app for iOS and Android platforms. We will continue to improve the app.

iRIS application for download

Information on data protection

KORDIS JMK, a.s. takes care to protect the personal data of POSEIDON users. In order to avoid concerns about possible misuse, we would like to inform you about how the data you enter when purchasing a ticket is handled.

As far as personal data is concerned, we record the e-mail, name and surname, telephone number of users and the tickets purchased by them. This data is encrypted in the database and can be accessed by a limited number of KORDIS JMK employees and the system supplier. The e-mail is used to occasionally send information about the POSEIDON application and occasional offers related to it (e.g. a free consumer competition for its users). Users agree to the recording of this data when registering for the application.

Providing the name and surname and telephone number on the ticket is necessary to verify that the passenger has not sent the same ticket to more than one person. This is a standard procedure used for most electronic travel documents.

The user has the right to request cancellation of the account and deletion of personal data by e-mail:

Automated vehicle location data system IDS JMK - operated by KORDIS JMK, a.s. Technical information, drawings and photos of the vehicles are provided by The author is not responsible for any damages caused by incorrect information. It is forbidden to use data (robotic data download) from this application and any part of its code in other applications without the author's consent! Vehicle location data is provided by DPMB, ČD and regional carriers in IDS JMK.