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IDS JMK Poseidon app

Contact for POSEIDON app

For inquiries regarding the Posedion app, email us at Make sure to include the email you're registered with in Poseidon. Don't call us! If you forgot to include the variable symbol with your bank transfer, we'll return the money within ca. 14 days.

Basic information

No more of unending worrying which ticket to get and how and where to get it. The IDS JMK Poseidon app makes it possible to buy a cheaper-than-normal ticket and also get some useful information for travelling through the region. Plan your journey. Find departures from stops close to you with real-time delays. See current vehicle positions on a live map. Download current timetables and network maps. Get updates on traffic info. All in one app.

If you charge your Poseidon account via a bank transfer or card, you can buy tickets even cheaper than at drivers and in ticket machines. Direct card payment is also possible, in which case you'll need to pay the standard fare. You can also save your most-used tickets for a quicker purchase next time. Purchased tickets are for use in all IDS JMK zones, on all trains, city and regional buses. There's a minor delay between the purchase of the ticket and the start of its validity.

The app itself is able to find the best connection and recommend you the best fare. All you need to do is select the fare and confirm. There are two types of tickets — either for a particular journey ('My tickets') or 'Quick tickets' that can be purchased from a certain zone for a given number of zones. Both types cost the same. The Quick tickets section also offers all-day tickets for passengers, bikes or dogs and all-network tickets for 3 and 5 days.

Poseidon is great for group travelling, too. Until now, every member of the group had to buy their tickets for themselves; Poseidon makes it possible to buy up to 10 tickets of the same fare simultaneously.

Moms, do you want to monitor how much your child spends on tickets? Set up a shared account that you'll transfer money to. Any number of kids can join the account through their phones and use up the money. You can involve your husband, too, and have your whole family use this one account.

If you're on a visit and don't know the closest departures, don't worry — you don't have to find your nearest stop, Poseidon will do that for you. In the Departures section, departures from the stops closest to you will show up. You get to choose which one you'll go to.


An thorough manual for using the app (CZE only)
Terms and conditions of use (CZE only)
Terms and conditions of IDS JMK (CZE only)

Download the app

Poseidon for Android
Poseidon for Apple

Advice for using the app

  • Poseidon uses location services frequently. If you don't want to drain your battery so much, you can leave location services off and use Google locator instead — it doesn't drain the battery as much and still serves sufficient data.
  • Use the Favorite stops feature - look up the closest stops to your workplace, home or school and then mark them with a star. Afterwards, you'll be able to see that stop's departures just by tapping it in the menu, without writing it out each time.
  • When buying tickets, make sure to use the "New ticket" and "Save to favorite" features. All you'll need to do next time is tap your favorite ticket — it'll be much faster.
  • You don't need to top up your credit to use the app. Your credit can be topped up either via card of bank transfer. If you've got a FIO Bank account, the money should appear on your Poseidon account the next day. If you're using a different bank, they should appear within 2-3 days.
  • If you're leaving the region and you're not going to use Poseidon anymore, we will reimburse you your topped up credit for free. All you need to do is mail us at from the email you used to sign up, tell us your bank account number and we'll reimburse you ca. within 14 days.

Data protection

KORDIS JMK cares about Poseidon users' privacy. Here's how we use your personal data you type in while purchasing your ticket.

The only personal data we keep is the users' name, phone number, email and their respective tickets. This data is encrypted in our database and only KORDIS JMK and system admins can access this data. We never send your data to third parties. Your email may be used for Poseidon newsletter and occasional offers (e.g. a free competition for Poseidon users). Personal data collection is agreed to by the user upon installing the app.

Name and phone number is necessary for buying the ticket for verification reasons — this way, the user can't send the ticket to other people. This is standard procedure used with most electronic tickets.