Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region

ids JMK POSEIDON application

For questions regarding the POSEIDON application, please use email only:

Always include the email you are registered with in the app. If you have forgotten your variable symbol when making a bank transfer, we will automatically refund the money within about 14 days.

What does the app do?

End the eternal hesitation about what ticket to buy, where and how. The IDS JMK POSEIDON app allows you to easily buy a cheaper ticket and also get a lot of necessary information for travelling around South Moravia.

  • Search for connections
  • Find the nearest departures from nearby stops with real delays
  • Learn current vehicle locations on the map
  • Download valid timetables or network plans
  • Find out the current traffic situation

If you pre-load money to your virtual account in POSEIDON by transfer or bank card, you can buy tickets in POSEIDON even cheaper than with the driver or at the ticket office. However, direct payment by bank card is also possible, in which case you will pay the standard price. You can save your favourite tickets and easily buy them next time. Purchased tickets are valid in all IDS JMK zones, in urban transport, trains and regional buses. However, it is necessary to take into account that they start to be valid with a certain delay after purchase.

The app itself will find the connection you need and search for the ticket you need for the journey. Just select the type of fare and confirm. Tickets are of two types - either issued for a specific route (My Tickets) or so-called Fast Tickets, which are issued only from a specific zone for a certain number of zones. Both types cost the same. Quick Tickets also include one-day tickets for a passenger, bicycle or dog or tickets for all zones for 3 and 5 days.

POSEIDON is also convenient for larger groups of passengers. Until now, each passenger in a group had to buy their own ticket. Now you can buy a single ticket for up to 10 passengers at the same time.

Moms, want to keep track of how much your kids are spending on fares? Set up one account to transfer money to. No matter how many kids you have, they can all connect to this one account via their mobile and draw money from it over time. You can also include your spouse and have one account for the whole family.

Do you find yourself on a visit and don't know when the next train is running? You don't have to enter your location. Just launch POSEIDON and look in the Departures option - it will show you departures from the nearest stops. Just choose which one is closest.

In addition, the latest version of the app brings a few new features:

  • Banking buttons with Google Pay and Apple Pay have been added. Meanwhile, Google Pay may be buggy on some phones. This is due to the vendor securing the payments. We are working on a completely new solution.
  • The ticket is now just a single QR code that is shown on the train, on the bus and to the ticket inspectors. This simplifies checking.
  • To simplify checking on trains where passengers were previously asked to provide proof of identity, the option to upload your photo has been introduced in the app settings. This will appear at the checkpoint along with a QR code. The photo remains on the mobile phone, it is not sent anywhere.
There have also been other minor changes related to, for example, bicycle tickets and the calculation of fares for shorter distances.

Downloadable application

POSEIDON for Android
POSEIDON for Apple

Some tips to get the app working properly

  • The app works a lot with location search. If you don't want to consume battery by having the GPS locator on, at least enable Google Location based on cellular network transmitters. This doesn't consume battery and provides good data.
  • Use your favourite stops - where you live, work or school, view departures from the nearest stops and star the relevant stop as a favourite. It's easy to find connections afterwards, because it's just a click instead of typing in an address or stop.
  • When buying a ticket, use the "New ticket" and "Save to favourites" options. Next time, all you have to do is click on your favourite ticket and you'll be able to shorten your purchase considerably.
  • You can also use the app without any money loaded. The money in your virtual account is charged by credit card or bank transfer. If you have an account with FIO bank, then it will appear on your account the very next day after the transfer. If you send money from another bank, then it will appear in 2-3 days.
  • If you move out of our region and do not use POSEIDON anymore, you do not have to worry about your money stored in your virtual account in POSEIDON. We will return it to you without any fee. Simply email from the email address used for your login, provide your bank account number and we will transfer your balance to you in approximately 14 days.

Handbooks and manuals

Detailed application manual
Application Terms and Conditions
Contractual Transport Conditions of IDS JMK

Privacy Information

KORDIS JMK, a.s. takes care to protect the personal data of POSEIDON users. In order to avoid concerns about possible misuse, we would like to inform you about how the data you enter when purchasing a ticket is handled.

As far as personal data is concerned, we keep a record of users' e-mail, name and surname, telephone number and the tickets purchased by them. This data is encrypted in the database and can be accessed by a limited number of KORDIS JMK employees and the system supplier. We do not pass on this data to third parties as a matter of principle. We use e-mail to occasionally send information about the POSEIDON application and occasional offers related to it (e.g. a free consumer competition for its users). Users agree to the recording of the above data when registering for the application.

The inclusion of the name and surname and telephone number on the ticket is necessary to verify that the passenger has not sent the same ticket to more than one person. This is a standard procedure used for most electronic travel documents.

The User has the right to request cancellation of the account and deletion of personal data via e-mail: