Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Basic information for visitors of South Moravia

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All of South Moravia (along with several towns neighboring the region) has its train, bus and city transit unified into the Integrated Transport System of South Moravia (IDS JMK for short). Under IDS JMK, you don't have to worry about different transit carriers or whether it's cheaper to take the bus or train. The fares are always the same, meaning you'll get the same service for the same price every time.

With IDS JMK, tourists and visitors don't have to differentiate among transit carriers or many different fares; all relevant information about services, stops and fares is accesible on this website.

In the following paragraphs, we've gathered some information and advice to make your travels on eco-friendly and dependable public transit as easy as possible. Services outside of Brno are ordered and funded by the South Moravion region, services for Brno by the Statutory City of Brno, and co-funded by various other cities also serviced by IDS JMK transit. Both regional and cities' transit is coordinated by KORDIS JMK, a.s.

Frequent services & easy transfers

Every municipality in South Moravia sees at least 6 services daily in both directions, 3 on weekends. However, major towns and tourist destinations are serviced much more frequently — these places see buses every hour or two. With a touch of planning, you don't need to worry about getting home or to your hotel in the evening — most of our services function well into the night.

The whole system of IDS JMK stands on "change points". If marked in the timetable, both buses and trains wait for other at certain stops. In timetables at stops or on our website, change points are always marked with small lettering, along with the route to change to, its destination and departure time. If a journey planner website recommends a transfer with a 0-minute space for service change, it's alright — the services will wait for passengers to change. If you want to be sure, you can always double-check your connecting service through route timetables.

Travelling in a group

Groups of more than 10 people are obligated to inform us of their travel plans via email: Tell us the date, routes and particular services you're going to travel with. If we confirm your appeal, routes may even be reinforced. If you don't report group travelling, you might not be eligible for transit — sometimes, the bus is just full.

Discounts & promotions

For people fond of galleries, exhibitions and museums, we recommend our Discount programs. We partner up with such companies, thanks to which they now offer discounts for admissions or for other services to owners of IDS JMK tickets.

Brochures for download

Services integrated in IDS JMK

Thanks to IDS JMK, you can travel on trains, regional buses and city transit systems in Adamov, Brno (incl. all of trams, trolleybuses and buses), Břeclav, Blansko, Hodonín, Kyjov, Vyškov and Znojmo.

Train lines in IDS JMK are named with an 'S' or 'R' in front of their number. Regional buses and city buses in Břeclav, Blansko, Hodonín, Vyškov, Kyjov and Znojmo have three-digit route numbers; city transit in Brno only has one or two digits (sometimes along with a letter in front of the digits). IDS JMK tickets aren't valid on most international and interregional trains.

The IDS JMK route and zone diagram, is a comprehensive town and zone map, showing how many zones you're going to travel through, which in turn affects your fare.

The Brno-only route diagram is a map of routes and stops in the Brno metropolitan area (zones 100 + 101). For travelling at night, there's a Brno-only map of night routes, showing you stops of night buses, that take off daily between 11 PM and 5 AM every 30 — 60 minutes from the Main Train Station transfer hub (where they also wait ca. 5 minutes for passengers to change between them). On weekends (beginning Friday evening and ending Saturday morning), night run until 6 AM. Weekend nights also see more frequent services.

How to find my connection

When arriving in South Moravia, make sure to use a country-wide connection search engine For travels within the region, however, we recommend to plan your journeys via or the POSEIDON app.

Both options secure current info about diversions and fares, all the while you can rest assured that the connection you're travelling with belongs to the IDS JMK system and uses IDS JMK fares.

Where to buy tickets

Except for a few exceptions, all tickets are through tickets. This means that during its regional validity (based on zones) and time validity (based on the time period the ticket is issued for), the passenger may use any means of IDS JMK transit. It doesn't matter whether you buy it at a train station, a ticket machine in Brno, from a bus driver, a ticket inspector on a train or by yourself in a ticket validator in Brno transit vehicles. Every single one of these tickets is used for the set area and time period on vehicles of any transport carrier in IDS JMK.

The complete range of single-use tickets is available only on train stations within IDS JMK boundaries, bus drivers outside Brno and by ticket inspectors on trains. After arriving in Brno, you can then simply buy any ticket you need at the Central Train Station in the city center. If you're arriving on a train included in IDS JMK, you can even buy an all-day ticket without zone limitations at the train ticket inspector directly, instead of after arriving in Brno and paying more for the same journey.

What ticket do I buy

Fares in IDS JMK are based on both the length of the journey and the number of zones passed. Tariff zones are marked in timetables, in the IDS JMK route and zone map or the Brno route and zone map. For short journeys, 2-segment tickets are ideal (on regional buses outside Brno only; segments are also marked in timetables).

In the IDS JMK system, it's really easy to tell which ticket you need. For journeys within Brno (zones 100 + 101), a 2-zone ticket is usually enough — either for 15 minutes at 20 CZK, or for 60 minutes at 25 CZK.

For journeys outside Brno, it's as easy as looking at the route and zone map and counting the zones you'll be passing through (though don't forget to include the zones you're both starting and finishing your journeys in). That's the number of zones you'll need a ticket for — the time validity of the ticket usually isn't that important; it's set so that journeys can be made without being in a time crunch.

On both regional and integrated longer-distance trains, IDS JMK tickets can be used for journeys between all stations in IDS JMK regardless of whether the train stops at them. When travelling on integrated express trains, IDS JMK tickets can only be issued for stations where the train stops.

Both in the IDS JMK route and zone map and in the timetables, there are Outbound zone areas marked. These are still zones that can be visited only with IDS JMK tickets, however, IDS JMK tickets cannot be used for travelling within those zones themselves. The passenger has to buy a ticket valid outside the Outbound zones (even one extra zone is enough) to travel within the Outbound zone.

How can I get discounts

On weekends and national holidays, we recommend using all-day tickets. There are several options: the entire IDS JMK system (190 CZK), Brno only (90 CZK), non-Brno only (all zones except for 100 + 101; 150 CZK) and for tourist destinations Moravský kras, Slovácko, Pálava and Podyjí (100 CZK each). When used on weekends and national holidays, one ticket can be used for up to 5 people including up to 2 people over 15. Tickets can also be used on weekdays, though only for one person per ticket.

All-day tickets are also issued with reduced fares. Children under 15 can use them for travelling through the entire IDS JMK system; youth between 15 and 18 years of age, students between 18 and 26 and the elderly over 65 can use them for all journeys except for travels within Brno (zones 100 + 101) when travelling on city routes (numbered 1 to 99).

A much more comprehensive guide to discounts and conditions for using them in an article directly about discounted fares.

Tickets via phone in Poseidon app — the best choice

Passengers adept in using smartphones will be best off using the POSEIDON app for planning journeys and buying tickets. The app offers both single and all-day tourist tickets with payment by credit card.

Get around Brno with only a credit card

When travelling within Brno (routes 1 - 99), you can buy tickets by yourself using only your credit card. You don't have to plan your fares in advance; just tapping your card on one of the orange validators placed at every door at every vehicle is enough. If your journey lasts less than 15 minutes, tap your card again when getting off. If it lasts more than 15 minutes, you don't have to tap in again. PIN isn't required. At the end of the day, the system will count the fares for your journeys; the daily cap is 90 CZK — the price of an all-day ticket.

If you want an all-day ticket straight away, or want to travel outside of Brno, the validators also offer those — use the touchscreen to select the fare you need and then tap your card to pay.

You won't get a printed ticket, the fare will instead link to your card — for proof of purchase for ticket inspectors, simply tap your card onto their verification terminal.

Which door do I board through

  • On tram routes you can get on and off through all doors (however, we recommend not using the front door)
  • On bus and trolleybus routes 1 - 99 within Brno city limits (zones 100 + 101), you can get on by all doors except the front door and get off by all doors. Outside of Brno city limits, getting on through the front door only is allowed, along with producing your ticket (or its QR code) upon embarking. Getting off through any door is fine, but try not to use the front door, as its purpose is mainly for getting on.
  • On routes numbered 100 and above, getting on is allowed through the front door only outside of Brno, as well as within Brno, if the bus continues beyond the city limits. You'll need to produce your ticket as well. Get off through any door except the front door. Boarding using the rear doors is allowed only within Brno for buses terminating in Brno.
  • On trains, you can get on and off using any door. If travelling on S2 or S3 train lines and don't have a ticket already, it's fine — you can get one from the train ticket inspector, but only if you get on through a door in a green-marked part of the train (see below).

Getting on with a ticket

If you've got ahold of a paper ticket, you'll need to stamp the ticket when starting your journey in an orange stamping machine - located either in the vehicle (that's when you're getting on a bus, tram or trolleybus) or on the platform (for journeys by train). If you've got a printed ticket from a bus driver or a train ticket inspector, you don't need to stamp it — it's in use from the moment it's been printed.

Getting on without a ticket

If you weren't able to grab a ticket in advance and didn't use the Poseidon app, don't worry — there's a number of solutions.

When getting off on a bus numbered 100 and above, you'll be able to get a standard fare ticket (at the same price you'd see at a ticket machine). You'll need to have cash ready (the exact amount is ideal); not all regional buses have card payment available, but we're working on it.

Ticket inspectors on trains sell IDS JMK tickets as well. however, if you could've bought a ticket at the station you got on in, you'll need to pay an extra fee of 50 CZK.

On the two most major train lines — S2 (Letovice – Brno – Křenovice) and S3 (Níhov – Tišnov – Brno – Břeclav) there's one more rule: passengers getting on without a ticket need to board a carriage with a green stripe painted above the doors. When a ticket inspector comes, they'll need to actively request a ticket. If riding without a ticket on carriages without the green stripe, you may get a penalty fare. This rule doesn't include people with handicaps, passengers with children in strollers or passengers with bikes. These groups can get onto any carriage on both S2 and S3 lines. On all other train lines, getting onto any carriage is fine for all passengers.

Within Brno, the best solution is to get a ticket by tapping your credit card on any of the orange validators in Brno vehicles on routes 1 - 99.

Which interesting places and destinations can I visit

There's a ton of great tourist destinations in South Moravia that you can use IDS JMK routes to get to! Take a trip to Slovakia or Austria with IDS JMK services. Use our bike-buses to take your bike to the Vranov dam. Catch an express bus to Aqualand Moravia. Get the Krasobus to caves in Moravský kras. All these tips and more are listed in the Special routes section.

Penalty fares

Infringing on the Terms and conditions of IDS JMK (failing to produce a valid ticket on demand) is a penalty of 1525 CZK. The payment at the spot reduces the penalty fare to 1025 CZK. Thanks for using tickets; fare evasion is a serious problem.

What are the exact conditions

IDS JMK travel conditions are comprised of two documents: the IDS JMK tariff price list and the Terms and conditions of carriage (both CZE only), that define the rights and responsibilites of passengers.