Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Special routes for travellers

Go on exciting trips to both interesting places and beyond the borders using special IDS JMK routes.

The Touristbus — go to Moravian and Austrian wine towns with a single route

Take your stay in Pálava one step further by using the Touristbus. It's a bus service that connects both South Moravian and Austrian wine-towns. Departing three times a day on weekends only, from May until the end of October through Podivín (connecting to R13 trains from Brno and Olomouc) and continues toward Lednice, Valtice, Schrattenberg in Austria, Herrnbaumgarten (where you can visit the Muzeum Nonseum (German only), a museum of practical jokes), continues to Poysdorf (with a museum about wine history Vino Versum or the museum of tractors (German only) and other heritage vehicles) and also visits the wine-town of Falkenstein with the ruin of an old castle and a wine tourist trail. The buses (that combine routes 555 and 580) then terminate in Mikulov, Czechia. The route uses IDS JMK fares, including student and pensioner discounts.

The Podyjí - Pálava express

During the tourist season from Easter until the end of September, the Podyjí - Pálava express connects Brno Královo Pole, Lesná, Židenice, goes via the Central Train Station and continues to Břeclav, Valtice, Mikulov Znojmo and Šatov. It's without question the fastest possible service for tourists and cyclists going from Brno to Pálava. In Břeclav, the train stops to collect tourists from Ostrava, Olomouc, Hodonín and get them to Pálava, as well as Znojmo and Šatov. The train has a designated car for transporting bikes. You don't need to pay anything extra except for the standard bike ticket. The train terminates in Šatov, where you can make a bike journey to the renowned Šobes winery and still make it back for the evening train to Brno.

The Aquabus

The Aquabus - those are several special services of route 105 connecting Brno (as well as Mikulov in the summer) with the biggest aquapark in the South Moravian region — Aqualand Moravia. When you go there, keep your IDS JMK ticket, because you'll get a 10 % discount.

The Krasobus

The Krasobus are services of route 226 connecting Blansko and Skalní Mlýn. The latter is the starting point for visiting both Punkevní caves (the Macocha pit) and the Balcarka cave in Moravský kras. Bus connects to trains from Brno and Pardubice and sees services every two hours in the tourist season.

Wine train between Zaječí and Hodonín

The S52 train line connects to lines R13 in Hodonín. Several times a day, trains make a journey between wineyards with beautiful views of hilly countryside. Visit renowned towns loved by wine enthusiasts — Velké Pavlovice, Bořetice, Kobylí, Čejč and Mutěnice. Nearly heritage trains are always full of wine-loving tourists.

Via Bílé Karpaty through a tunnel to Myjava

Get to Myjava, Slovakia with just an IDS JMK ticket. The S91 train line goes from Hodonín via Strážnice and Veselí nad Moravou to Velká nad Veličkou — the core of the Horňácko region. From there, the train continues to Vrbovce, Slovakia via a heritage train line and what was once the longest railroad tunnel in Czechoslovakia all the way to Myjava. Myjava is a pleasant town, ideal for a walk and a lunch.

Express services betwenn Brno and Podyjí National Park

Route 108 has many extra bike-bus services on summer weekends, going from Brno to Znojmo and via the Podyjí National Park, Čížov and Vranov.

From Znojmo to the Vranov dam

During the tourist season on weekends (and daily during the summer holidays), a bike-bus service departs in the Morning from Znojmo to Vranov nad Dyjí. Then, it makes a journey around the Vranov dam to Uherčice, Bítov and back to Vranov. který ráno vyjíždí ze Znojma do Vranova nad Dyjí a odtud pokračuje kolem Vranovské přehrady do Uherčic, Bítova a zpět do Vranova. The evening service follows the same route back and in Znojmo, you can change to an express bus to Brno.


The towns of Hodonín, Skalica (Slovakia), Strážnice and Veselí nad Moravou are all connected by services on route 910. Take the bus to Skalica, Slovakia, where they know how to make traditional trdelník (similar to the Hungarian "kürtöskalacs"). Taste the sugary trdelník and revel in the atmosphere of a heritage town.

Into Staré Město and Uherské Hradiště

Since 2019, IDS JMK offers R13, S6 and R56 services into the Zlín region, namely Staré Město or Uherské Hradiště, both beautiful heritage cities.

To Jevíčko and Velké Opatovice for the map of Moravia

Take a trip to the tri-region area — the border between South Moravian region, Pardubice region and Olomouc region. In Velké Opatovice, a great destination is the Cartography center of Moravia (CZE only) with a huge 3D map of Moravia. In nearby Jevíčko, you can walk about the square in the shape of a square and see how the streets go from the square to the four cardinal directions, and several ring roads around the whole town.

Express train "Pernštejn" to Vysočina

On Saturdays and Sundays, a special express train "Pernštejn" departs from Brno Central Train Station (and then from Židenice, Lesná and Královo Pole) at about 8 AM. It makes for a quick service between Brno and Tišnov, Nedvědice, Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, Nové Město na Moravě and Žďár nad Sázavou. Tarif IDS JMK v tomto vlaku platí až po Rovné-Divišov (a station between Bystřice n/P and Nové Město n/M). The same train service then returns back to Brno in the evening. It's most popular with cross-country skiers in the winter and with cyclists in spring and summer.

Náměšť & Kralice

Getting into Náměšť and Kralice nad Oslavou from Brno is fairly easy — take any train on lines S4, R54 or R11. After arriving in Kralice, make sure to visit the Holy Bible of Kralice museum, where you'll get an admission discount with an IDS JMK ticket. After than, you can visit the beautiful castle in Náměšť.

From Znojmo via Vranov dam to Drosendorf, Austria

Around two or three times a day, you can take a trip from Znojmo to Vranov nad Dyjí and Vratěnín to an Austrian bordertown called Drosendorf. From May to October, a special tourist train Reblaus Expres is in service. You can then get a taste of quality Austrian wines, get off at Langau and then walk straight across the border to Šafov, Czechia for a route 816 service back to Znojmo or stay all the way to Retz, where you can change to the S82 train line that takes you to Znojmo as well. Reblaus Expres doesn't accept IDS JMK tickets.

From Brno straight to spa in Laa an der Thaya

Every 60 minutes at peak times and every 2 hours at off-peak times and on weekends, route 104 goes between Brno to a cute Austrian fair town Laa an der Thaya. Buses terminate right next to the spa, Therme Laa. Go visit! The last bus from Brno to Laa departs just around 8 PM. If your bus from Laa back to Brno terminates early at Pohořelice, don't worry, you can always change to route 108, which also takes you straight to Brno. Changing to trains to Mistelbach or Vienna from Laa is also possible (though not integrated in IDS JMK).

Get a piece of Austrian history in Retz

A shuttle train service on line S82 goes between Znojmo and Retz every two hours; IDS JMK tariff conditions are valid all the way to Retz. From Retz, the trains continue further to Vienna. Retz je krásné historické městečko, které stojí za hodinovou či tříhodinovou návštěvu. The most interesting sights are the windmill above the town and the basements under the main square.