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Transportation of bicycles

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News in cycling for the 2022 season

  • As part of alternative transport (train closure Brno - Blansko) you can transport bicycles and electric bicycles on the line 233 from Brno, Královo Pole, the railway station through Blansko to the Moravian Karst and Drahanská vrchovina. Transportation of bicycles is also possible on lines xS2A a xS2D during weekends and public holidays. From the centre of Brno, you can use the xS2B line (bicycles are transported by connections to the line R19 in Blansko). Keep an eye on current timetables.
  • A train is in operation on the line R13 from Brno to Breclav with sufficient capacity for transporting bicycles and scooters.
  • New for the 2022 cycling season is a new stop in the Kyjov region near Bukovanský Mlýn on the line 642 - Bukovany, Bukovanský Mlýn

Basic information

Within the framework of the IDS JMK, you can travel with a bicycle all year round on integrated trains and in Brno (zones 100 + 101) on Brno public transport lines marked 1 to 99. In addition, during the tourist season from April to October, cycle buses are introduced - buses on regular lines are supplemented with trailers or bicycle racks.

  • In trains bicycles, e-bikes and large scooters can be transported all year round, only on those that are included in the IDS JMK (passenger trains, express trains and fast trains), but only as oversized luggage. If you are transporting an e-bike, we recommend travelling with at least two people to fit the e-bike comfortably on the train. Remember that an e-bike weighs over 20 kg. Trains marked with the bicycle 🚲 symbol in the timetables offer an extended capacity for transporting bicycles. These are the majority of IDS JMK trains, especially on S lines from/to Brno and on R lines.

    • Line R13 - Brno - Břeclav: Special bicycle train departing on weekends from Brno hl.n. at 9:36 to Breclav. It complements the two other departures of the R13 trains at 8:36 and 10:36, which offer few places for bicycles. Back from Breclav this train departs at 17:36
    • Line EXP - Expres Pálava - Podyjí: The train departs from Brno-Králova Pole before 8 a.m. on weekends, stopping at Lesná in Židenice and at the Main Railway Station. From there it continues to Břeclav, Valtice, Mikulov, Znojmo and Šatov. This is by far the fastest connection between Brno and Pálava. In the evening it leaves Znojmo before 6 pm and returns to Brno around 8 pm. In 2021, however, this train will be restricted due to closures.
    • Line S3 a Line S31: The Pernštejn express train departs from Brno main station after 8 a.m. on weekends, stopping in Židenice, Lesná and Králov Pol. From there, it continues to Tišnov and continues to Žďár nad Sázavou via Nedvědice and Bystřice nad Pernštejnem without changing trains. In the evening it returns to Brno.
    • Line S3: Train S3 departing in the cycling season at 8:53 a.m. from Brno, it goes via Tišnov to Vlkov, from where it is possible to return back to Brno by various routes.

    Bicycle spaces are marked with the bicycle symbol 🚲️ on the car's cabinet. Bicycles are transported until the capacity of available seats is exhausted. If the train is equipped with a space for hanging or placing bicycles, the passenger is obliged to place the bicycle in this space in priority. On trains without a bicycle symbol in the timetable, capacity is limited. The carriage of bicycles may also be restricted or excluded during closures. Remember that IDS JMK tickets for you and your bicycle must be purchased at the ČD ticket office and then marked on the platform before boarding the train. You can also buy tickets in the mobile app IDS JMK POSEIDON. Passengers with bicycles can board outside the green lanes.

  • Public transport in Brno allows the transport of bicycles all year round in Brno in zones 100 and 101 on all tram, trolleybus and bus lines up to the number 100. The space for transporting a bicycle is marked - usually it is a space designated for the transport of prams.
  • City cyclobuses IDS JMK are usually in operation from the end of March to the end of October on some bus routes (usually 55 and 57). The bicycles are transported on a rack mounted on the back of the bus. Of course, bicycles can be transported inside the vehicle all year round. If the timetable shows the bicycle symbol 🚲️ on the timetable, you must use the rack at the rear of the vehicle. If the cycle buses are not in use, you can automatically transport the bike inside the vehicle. Passengers place their bike on the bike carrier themselves. The driver must personally supervise the loading and unloading of the bicycle. In the event of the passenger's ignorance, the driver may assist the passenger with loading/unloading. After the bicycle has been mounted on the cycle carrier, the driver checks that it is properly secured and locks the bicycle against theft. The passenger is issued with a carabiner with the position number, which is hung at each position on the cycle carrier. On alighting, the driver verifies ownership of the bicycle using the numbered carabiner, unlocks the bicycle against theft and assists the passenger in unloading. Bicycles are not transported inside the cycle bus. Please follow the driver's instructions.

  • Boat transport on the Brno dam allows the transport of a bicycle at a special rate during the summer sailing season (April - September). Transportation is possible along the route Brno, Bytrc - Rokle - Veveří Castle - Veverská Bítýška. For more information about transporting bicycles on the Brno Dam, see DPMB.

Regional cyclobuses

Regional cyclobuses operate during the cycling season from mid-April to the end of September during weekends and public holidays. Selected cycle buses also run on weekdays, especially during the summer holidays. In 2022, regional cycle buses operate from 15 April to 2 October. You can transport 5 bikes on the back of the cyclobus or 20 bikes on the trailer, depending on the type of cyclobus. The bikes are transported until the capacity of the cyclobus is exhausted. No registration is required. It is only possible to get on/off the bus with a bicycle at selected stops that are marked with the bicycle symbol 🚲.

Overview of regional cyclobuses

Line Route Capacity
108 Brno-Znojmo 20 pcs
201 Brno-Ochoz u Brna-Křtiny-Jedovnice 20 pcs
231 Blansko-Studnice 20 pcs
233 Brno-Blansko-Benešov 20 pcs
251 Skalice nad Svitavou-Jevíčko 5 pcs
256 Boskovice-Olešnice 5 pcs
261 Boskovice-Suchý-Protivanov-Prostějov (outside IDS JMK) 5 pcs
423 Rosice-Mohelno 20 pcs
602/730/750 Brno-Vyškov-Nové Sady (cyclobus without transfer) 20 pcs
602 Brno-Bučovice 20 pcs
642 Kyjov-Bučovice 20 pcs
816 Znojmo-Vranov nad Dyjí – Uherčice (-Drosendorf) 20 pcs
817 Znojmo-Čížov-Vranov nad Dyjí 20 pcs
830 Uherčice-Vranov nad Dyjí 20 pcs
932 Veselí nad Moravou – Nová Lhota 20 pcs

Instructions on how to load a bicycle into a regional cycle bus:

  • Tell the driver that you want to transport a bicycle. Purchase a bicycle ticket and a ticket for yourself from the driver or present a valid ticket.
  • You will then place the bike on the bike rack/bike carrier yourself under the supervision and instructions of the bus driver. Secure the bicycle against theft. Remove valuable items that can be easily removed (lights, pumps, bags, ...) from the bike and take them on the bus with you.
  • If more than one bicycle is being transported, the driver first checks in all the bicycles. After all passengers have checked in, the cyclists place their bikes on the bike rack/bike carrier as instructed by the driver.
  • When alighting, the cyclist warns the driver that he will be alighting. The cyclist then removes his/her bicycle from the bike rack/rack under the supervision of the driver.

Tickets for bicycles and e-bikes

You will need two tickets for the journey. A ticket for yourself and a bicycle/electric bike ticket. Depending on the length of the route, it is worth using different ticket options.

Ticket for a cyclist

Use regular single tickets, IDS JMK one-day tickets or your prepaid tickets. On non-business days, travel on advantageous one-day tickets for CZK 90 for Brno, CZK 190 for all IDS JMK zones or CZK 150 for non-Brno zones. You can also travel on regional day tickets for Pálava, Podyjí, Moravský kras or Slovácko. On non-working days, basic day tickets are valid for 2 adults + up to 3 children under 15 years of age, or you can also transport a bicycle.

WEEKEND TIP: With a basic day ticket, you can also transport a bicycle on non-working days.


  • 1 adult + 1 bicycle or 2 adults + 2 bicycles
  • 2 adults + 1 child + 2 bikes (+ buy a ticket for 1 bike)
  • 2 adults + 2 children + 1 bike (+ buy a ticket for 2 bikes)

On normal working days, day tickets are valid for one person only without the possibility of transporting additional persons or bicycles. It is necessary to buy tickets separately.

Ticket for bicycle

To transport a bicycle, use a one-day ticket for 70 CZK or a single trip ticket for 35 CZK (valid for 1 bicycle only). For short distances, a ticket for 2 - 4 zones can also be used.

Combination with a subscription ticket

Area With a subscription ticket (100+101) for two or more days Without a subscription ticket (100+101) for two or more days
Brno (tariff zones 100+101) FREE basic ticket
Out of Brno tariff zones basic ticket basic ticket

  • With a subscription ticket for two or more days valid for zones 100+101 (Brno), you can transport your bicycle in these zones free of charge.
  • Holders of prepaid tickets for 2 or more days for zones 100+101 do not pay for bicycle transport in zones 100+101 when travelling from Brno outside Brno; they buy tickets only for the remaining zones.

Tickets for scooters

The transport of scooters in IDS JMK vehicles is permitted. Scooter up to 120 cm is transported free of charge , scooters over 120 cm are transported with luggage tickets (discounted A).Subscription ticket holders for zones 100 + 101 transport all scooters in these zones free of charge.

Examples of fares

  • The holder of a pre-paid ticket valid for two or more days for zones 100+101 travels from Lišeň to Kuřim (zone 310). There is no charge for the tram journey. At the main station, he uses a combination of travel documents and buys a supplementary ticket for 1 zone for CZK 16 for himself, and buys the same supplementary ticket for 1 zone for CZK 16 for his bicycle.
  • The holder of a prepaid ticket for zones 100, 101, 310, 320, 330 rides a bicycle from Tišnov to Brno. In zones 100+101, the bicycle is not charged, so he needs a ticket for his bicycle for the remaining 3 zones at a price of CZK 27.
  • A cyclist with a bicycle is riding from Brno to Níhov. The road leads through tariff zones 100+101+310+320+330+340+345 (7 zones in total). In this case, he needs a basic ticket for himself for 7 zones for CZK 56, for his bicycle he can use a ticket valid for all zones/180 minutes for CZK 35.
  • A passenger without a prepaid ticket wants to ride his bicycle only around Brno by train from Lesná to Hlavní nádraží. He buys two tickets valid for 2 stops in the same or adjacent zone for CZK 16 each and marks both tickets in the marker on the platform when boarding at Lesná.
  • Two cyclists are going from Brno to Podyjí this weekend. In this case it is worth buying a basic one-day ticket for 190 CZK.
  • Two cyclists travel to the Podyjí region. In this case, it is worth buying a basic day ticket for 100 CZK when travelling at weekends. If they are travelling on weekdays, they must each buy a ticket for themselves and their bicycle.

Applications Poseidon and IRIS

You can also use the Poseidon mobile phone application of IDS JMK to purchase tickets. In addition to buying tickets, the app makes it easy to search for the desired connection, find departures from the nearest stops, download valid timetables, or find out about transport emergencies.

More information about the app here.


Passenger trains | S |

Line Routes Carries
S2* Křenovice - Zbýšov - Hostěrádky-Rešov - Újezd u Brna - Sokolnice-Telnice - Brno-Chrlice - Brno – Brno Židenice - Bílovice nad Svitavou - Babice nad Svitavou - Adamov - Blansko - Dolní Lhota - Rájec Jestřebí - Doubravice nad Svitavou - Skalice nad Svitavou - Svitávka - Zboněk - Letovice - Rozhraní - Moravská Chrastová - Březová nad Svitavou ČD
S21 Skalice nad Svitavou - Boskovice - Knínice u Boskovic - Šebetov - Cetkovice - Velké Opatovice ČD
S22 Letovice - Rozhraní - Moravská Chrastová - Březová nad Svitavou ČD
S3** Hustopeče - Šakvice - Popice - Pouzdřany - Vranovice - Žabčice (- Židlochovice) - Hrušovany u Brna - Vojkovice - Rajhrad - Popovice - Modřice - Brno - Brno-Židenice - Brno-Lesná - Brno-Královo Pole - Brno-Řečkovice - Česká - Kuřim - Čebín - Tišnov - Dolní Loučky - Řikonín - Níhov ČD
S31 Tišnov - Štěpánovice - Borač - Prudká - Doubravník - Nedvědice - Bystřice nad Pernštejnem - Rovné-Divišov ČD
S4 Brno - Troubsko - Střelice - Tetčice - Rosice - Zastávka u Brna - Vysoké Popovice - Rapotice - Kralice - Náměšť nad Oslavou ČD
S41 Brno - Střelice - Moravské Bránice - Ivančice / - Moravský Krumlov - Miroslav - Dolenice - Břežany - Pravice - Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou ČD
S5 Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště - Uherské Hradiště - Kunovice ČD | ARRIVA
S51 Šakvice - Zaječí - Rakvice - Podivín - Ladná - Břeclav ČD
S52 Zaječí - Velké Pavlovice - Bořetice - Kobylí - Brumovice - Čejč - Mutěnice - Hodonín ČD
S53 Břeclav - Lanžhot ČD
S6 Brno - Brno-Černovice - Brno-Slatina - Šlapanice - Ponětovice - Blažovice - Křenovice - Slavkov u Brna - Křižanovice - Marefy - Bučovice - Nevojice - Nesovice - Brankovice - Nemotice - Jestřabice - Bohuslavice - Kyjov - Vlkoš - Vracov - Bzenec - Veselí nad Moravou - Ostrožská Nová Ves - Kunovice - Uherské Hradiště - Staré Město ČD | ARRIVA
S61 Bzenec - Moravský Písek ČD
S71 Vyškov - Hoštice-Heroltice - Ivanovice na Hané - Chvalkovice na Hané - Nezamyslice ČD
S8 Břeclav - Boří les - Valtice - Sedlec u Mikulova - Mikulov - Březí - Dobré Pole - Novosedly - Jevišovka - Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou - Božice u Znojma - Hodonice - Dyje - Znojmo ČD
S81 Moravské Budějovice - Vesce - Blížkovice - Grešlové Mýto - Šumná - Olbramkostel - Citonice - Znojmo nemocnice - Znojmo ČD
S82 Retz - Šatov - Znojmo-Nový Šaldorf - Znojmo ČD | ÖBB
S9 Břeclav - Hrušky - Moravská Nová Ves - Lužice - Hodonín - Rohatec - Bzenec - Moravský Písek - Nedakonice - Kostelany nad Moravou - Staré Město ČD | ARRIVA
S91 Hodonín - Rohatec - Sudoměřice - Petrov - Strážnice - Vnorovy - Veselí nad Moravou - Blatnice pod svatým Antonínkem - Lipov - Louka u Ostrohu - Velká nad Veličkou - Javorník nad Veličkou - Vrbovce (SK) - Myjava (SK) ČD | ZSSK

Express | R |

Line Route Carrier
R8 Brno-Vyškov RegioJet
R9** Brno - Brno-Královo Pole - Tišnov ČD
R11 Brno - Náměšť nad Oslavou ČD
R12 Brno - Vyškov - Nezamyslice ČD
R13 Brno - Modřice* - Šakvice - Zaječí - Podivín - Břeclav - Moravská Nová Ves* - Hodonín - Moravský Písek - Staré Město ČD
R18 Veselí nad Moravou - Uherské Hradiště - Staré Město ČD
R19 Brno - Blansko - Letovice - Březová nad Svitavou ČD
R54 Brno - Náměšť nad Oslavou ČD
R56 Brno - Slavkov u Brna - Bučovice - Kyjov - Veselí nad Moravou - Ostrožská Nová Ves - Kunovice - Uherské Hradiště - Staré Město ČD

* Train closure Brno - Blansko - The transport of bicycles between Brno and Blansko, Brno and Adamov and Adamov and Blansko is changing with regard to the current status of the large train closure Brno - Blansko. Direct cycle buses from Brno to Blansko - lines 233 and xS2B (selected connections of these lines). Direct cyclobuses Brno - Adamov - lines xS2A and xS2D (selected connections of these lines).

** Exclusion between Main Railway Station and Židenice - Selected trains will start/end at the stop Brno, dolní nádraží (all connections of line R9 and selected connections of line S3).

Tips for trips with a bicycle

Podyjí National Park comfortably by express cyclobus line 108/817 from Brno

Podyjí is undoubtedly an ideal place for cycling. Beautiful nature, rugged terrain, picturesque villages, border castles and chateaus, deep forests and sun-drenched meadows and moors create a unique backdrop for the cyclist who does not just want to swallow kilometres with his head bent over the speedometer, but comes for knowledge and natural harmony.

Podyjí National Park is famous for its untouched nature and picturesque monuments. From Brno from Zvonařka use the direct cyclobus lines 108/817, which leaves at 8:55. The cyclobus goes directly without stopping to Znojmo and from there it continues under the 817 sign through Čížov to Vranov nad Dyjí.

From Vranov nad Dyjí and Čížov you can use a number of cycle paths in the Czech and Austrian territory of the Podyjí National Park.

To the heart of the Moravian Karst by cyclobus line 201

  • Ochoz u Brna - From there you can continue by bike to Hádek and then around the Ochozská Cave and through the Mariánské valley to Líšeň.
  • Křtiny - the picturesque town can be a starting point for an interesting route.
  • Jedovnice - the furthest place from Brno allows you to take advantage of the beautiful area of Moravian Karst. In Jedovnice you can explore and enjoy the singletrack near the Olšovce pond. Back to Brno you can use the cyclobus again or return along the cycle paths - e.g. via Bukovinka and Hádek.

ATTENTION: the cyclobus transports bicycles from the Brno, Židenice, railway station stop. It is not possible to board a bike at the Stará osada stop. The cyclobus runs as line 201 and allows you to get on and off at the stops.

To the heart of the Moravian Karst by train and cyclobus from Brno

Cycle buses from Brno and in Blansko are immediately followed by cycle buses 231 Cycle bus 231 will take you to Rudice, from where several marked cycle routes lead. If you head south along the forest road through the village of Habrůvka, you will reach Křtiny and then follow the road to the Výpustek cave and the Byčí skála in the Josefov valley. If you want to avoid the road, you can turn to the southwest on one of the cycle paths, the only one between Josefov and Olomučany. From there, you have the choice to either head to the New Castle and from there into the valley of the Svitava River, or along the road past the Old Ironworks, where the Brno Technical Museum's exposition of the iron industry is worth a visit. In addition, with an IDS JMK ticket you will receive a discount on admission.

Both cycle routes have the same destination in Adamov, from where you can continue to Brno via the cycle path through Bílovice nad Svitavou.

From Sloup through the deserted gutter still downhill

Cyclobus 233 will take you comfortably to Sloup, from where you can ride your bike through the Deserted Trough to the Punkva Caves and further to Skalní Mlýn.

The route starts at the bus stop Sloup u kostela. Follow the road towards the caves (slightly downhill). Approximately 500 m from the stop you will see the entrance to the caves, after another 300 m you will see the Kůlna cave and then you will reach the Hotel Broušek. Here turn right onto the asphalt road and follow it. The road winds and gently descends through the valley of the Suchý žleb for about 5 km to the Punkva Caves (cable car) and then to Skalní Mlýn. From there, fit cyclists can ride through the Suchý žleb to the upper bridge of the Macocha abyss or continue along a number of cycle paths to Brno. We recommend going through Jedovnice, Hádek and then through Ochoz u Brna through the valley of the River Říčky to the Mariánské údolí, from where you can continue by public transport.

Less fit cyclists can continue along the road until Blansko, from where they can return by cyclobus 233, or xS2B. This option is very easy.

Kunštátsko a Olešnicko

There are beautiful cycling routes in the northern part of the region in Kunštát and Olešnice. From Brno use the cycle buses xS2B and Blansko, change to the train which will comfortably transport you and your bike to Skalice nad Svitavou, where the cyclobus line follows 256, which you can continue to Olešnice. From there you can pedal along many marked cycle paths. One option is to go from Olešnice towards the Vír water reservoir and then continue along the Svratka valley, for example to Nedvědice with Pernštejn Castle.

Ždánický forest

The route starts from the railway station in Nesovice on the left towards Koryčany . Projdeme obcí a silnice se stáčí vzhůru doprava a do kopce. Po vjetí do lesa odbočíme doprava na lesní asfaltovou cestu, která stoupá úbočím. After approximately 2.5 km.We'll be joined by a yellow hiking trail from Nesovice and still following the road will lead us to the crossroads U kříže. Here we can enjoy the views of the wide surroundings. In the east we see Chřiby and the town of Koryčany with the castle . From the crossroads, follow the red sign and again follow the forest hiking trail up to the summit at Slepice (the ridge is marked with a blue sign) and then descend through the forest to the Red Cross, where you cross the Bučovice-Zdánice road. Continue again along the forest asphalt road (following the red and green markers). We will go downhill until we reach the palouk At the Golden Stag with a gazebo and a partisan memorial from World War II. From the memorial, continue along the yellow sign to the crossroads, where you leave the yellow sign and turn right and take a short downhill and uphill climb to the state road to Slavkov u Brna. On the road, go 500m up to the left turn of the forest tarmac and then down to the right. Follow this road, which is often named Těšanka, gradually descending and ascending until you reach a wooden log cabin - keep to the right here. After a while, we leave the forest and follow the field to Hájovna Svatá, where the asphalt road turns right and continues down a steep descent to the village of Lovčičky. From the local inn in the village square, continue straight on to Otnice and Újezd u Brna. Shortly after Újezd u Brna, there is a turn-off to the Mohyla Míru.


Singletrails in the South Moravian Region

In the South Moravian Region, you can use the so-called singletrails for mountain bikes or mountain e-bikes free of charge. Singletrails are located in cycling-interesting natural locations with good accessibility by trains or cycle buses. Entrance to the trails is free everywhere. Please observe the rules.


  • 3 circuits, length 28,5 km
  • Connection by IDS JMK lines: By cyclobus line 233 from Králova Pole railway station or by cyclobus line 201 from Brno-Zidenice railway station.
  • Destination stop: Jedovnice, nám | distance of singletrails from the stop: 2 km

BOSKOVICKÉ STEZKY (Blansko district))

  • 9 circuits, length 9,61 km
  • Connection by IDS JMK lines: bus 233 or xS2B, in Blansko change to the train, in Skalice nad Svitavou, change to cyclobus 251 or train S21.
  • Destination stop: Boskovice, bus station (bus) or Boskovice (train) | singletrail distance from the stop: 2 km


  • 3 circuits, length 26,5 km
  • Connection by IDS JMK lines: From the centre of Brno you can use tram line 8 - Mifkova
  • Destination stop: Mariánské údolí (bus), Mifkova (tram) | distance of singletrails from the stop: 400 m


  • 130 km of natural cycle paths and 5 circuits with a total length of 5 km.
  • Connection by IDS JMK lines: train lines, especially line S91
  • Destination stop: e.g. Strážnice, Petrov | distance of singletrails from stops: up to 5 km.

Cycling maps IDS JMK

We recommend you to buy IDS JMK cycling maps, which you can get at our e-shop or Contact Centres. Set of three maps (NORTH, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST) costs 99 CZK.

Cycling in the Znojmo region

Cycling enthusiasts in the Znojmo region have a number of possibilities to get closer to their destination with the help of a bus.

Usually from Easter to the end of September, they can use several regular cyclobuses that connect Znojmo with Vranov, the Podyjí National Park and the Vranov Dam on weekends and holidays. Some of them go as far as Drosendorf in Austria, where it is possible to change to the ReblausExpress cycling train. During the summer holidays, cyclobuses run every day.

Cycle buses are marked with the bicycle symbol in the header of the timetables of regular bus lines (in the Znojmo region 816, 817, 830 and 108). They are equipped with a trailer for 24 bicycles. Capacity is usually sufficient, so reservations are not even given.

Tickets can be bought directly from the driver. For safety reasons, loading and unloading is only possible at stops marked with the bicycle symbol in the timetable. Always inform the driver first when boarding or alighting with your bike. The passenger is responsible for loading, unloading and securing the (electric) bicycle; the driver will only hand over the appropriate handles and check that they are correctly secured. At the same time, the passenger must remove all valuable items from the bicycle before loading it and any items that may become loose during the ride. It is also possible to transport (electric) scooters directly in the vehicle - those up to 120 cm are transported free of charge, but they must be folded.

Cycle buses in the direction of Vranov are deployed on 3 lines departing from Znojmo, aut. railway station.:
  • Line 816: Znojmo – Lesná – Vranov nad Dyjí – Lančov – Starý Petřín – Šafov – Uherčice – Drosendorf (AT) (on weekends) or Bítov (on working days during the holidays).
  • Line 817 Znojmo – Hradiště – Podmolí – Čížov (NP Podyjí) – Lesná – Vranov nad Dyjí.
  • Line 830 Vranov nad Dyjí – Lesná – Vranovská pláž – Štítary – Zálesí – Bítov (– Vysočany – Korolupy – Uherčice).
  • You can travel around the Znojmo region with IDS JMK tickets and trains to Citonice, Šumná, Šatov or Retz(AT), for example. Connection between Znojmo and Brno at the weekend is provided by express cyclobuses on line 108.