Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Bike transport

Basic information

Within IDS JMK, you can travel all-year long with a bike on integrated trains and within Brno boundaries (zones 100 + 101) on city transit lines numbered 1 to 99. During the tourist season from April to October, bike-buses are also in service. Bike-buses are buses on normal routes that have got a bicycle rack fitted on the back.

  • On trains integrated into IDS JMK (regional, interregional and express trains), bikes are considered normal luggage. Trains marked with a bike symbol in timetables offer more capacity for bikes. Most of these trains serve 'S' routes going to and from Brno, as well as lines R19, R11 and R13. Doors for bike entry are marked with a bike pictogram on the door. Passengers with bikes may board at any time, if there's enough room for a bike. If the train has designated areas for hanging/placing bikes, passengers have to transport bikes in these areas. Bike transportation may be restricted or completely prohibited in case of any diversions (e.g. substitute bus services). If the train has the 'storage during transport' service, passengers may use it under the same conditions and fares as with normal luggage.
  • In Brno (zones 100 + 101), bikes may be transported on any routes numbered 1 - 99. Bike transportation outside of zones 100 + 101 is prohibited.
  • On bike-bus routes 108, 231, 233, 251, 256, 423, 602, 642, 730, 750, 816, 817, 830 and 932 on services marked with a bike symbol in the timetable. They're usually in service only during the tourist season, mostly weekends only. Bikes may be transported on weekdays as well on routes 251, 256 and 816. On all other regional bus routes is bike transportation prohibited. Getting on and off with a bike is allowed only at stops marked with a bike symbol in the timetable. Passengers have to load and unload the bike on/off the rack by themselves. The driver will give the passenger the fixtures needed for mounting the bike onto the rack. Passengers need to unmount all bike parts that may be damaged during transport.
  • Bike transportation is also allowed on ship services at the Brno dam with special fares.
  • Map of bike-friendly train lines and bus routes,

Bike-buses in IDS JMK

Bike-bus services operate only on weekends from April 10th until October 28th 2020.

  • Podyjí National Park & Vranov nad Dyjíroute 108 + route 817: From the Brno Zvonařka bus station, buses depart as express connections to Znojmo without stopping. After that, they continue as route 817 toward the Podyjí National Park and Vranov nad Dyjí.
  • Vranov dam looproute 816 + route 830: Morning service makes a loop journey: Znojmo — Vranov nad Dyjí — Uherčice — Bítov — Vranov nad Dyjí. The evening service takes the same route back. During the summer holidays, route also operates on weekdays.
  • Moravský kras — Jedovnice, Senetářov, Lipovec, Studniceroute 231: Weekends only. Departs the Blansko bus station, connecting to trains from Brno and Letovice and continues via Jedovnice, Senetářov, Lipovec to Studnice.
  • Moravský kras — Sloup, Źďárná, Suchý, Benešovroute 233: Weekends only. Departs the Blansko bus station, connecting to trains from Brno and Letovice and continues toward the north of Moravský kras and the Boskovice area.
  • Rousínov, Vyškov, Drahanská vrchovina route 602 + route 730 + route 750: Weekends only. A direct service from the Brno Zvonařka bus station via Rousínov, Luleč and Vyškov toward Drahanská vrchovina.
  • Rousínov, Bučoviceroute 602: Weekends only, connects Brno, Rousínov and Bučovice..
  • Boskovice area, Velké Opatovice, Jevíčkoroute 251: Departs the Skalice nad Svitavou train station after waiting for trains from Brno, servicing the area of Velké Opatovice and Jevíčko. Route 251 sees all-week bike-bus services.
  • Kunštát area, Olešnice arearoute 256: Departs the Skalice nad Svitavou train station after waiting for trains from Brno, servicing the popular area of Kunštát and Olešnice. Route 256 also sees all-week bike-bus services.
  • Ivančice area, Oslavany area, Mohelnoroute 423: Weekends only. Departs the Tetčice train station after connecting to trains from Brno and continues via Ivančice and Oslavany toward Mohelno.
  • Ždánický les, Kyjovskoroute 642: Weekends only, connects the Bučovice railway station with Kyjov via Žďánice forest.
  • Bílé Karpatyroute 932: Weekends only, connects to trains from Brno, Kyjov and Hodonín and departs from Veselí nad Moravou toward Bílé Karpaty via Suchov. Terminates at Nová Lhota.
  • Brno, Mariánské údolíroute 55: Connects Brno Stará osada bus & tram terminal with Mariánské údolí.
  • Brno, Útěchovroute 57: Connects Brno Husovice and Lesná with Útěchov.

How to get your bike onto a bike-bus

If you want to travel on a bike-bus, here's what you need to do:
  • The passenger's got to tell the driver that they want to transport a bike. They'll get all the tickets they need from the driver or will produce their already owned tickets.
  • The passenger then places the bike onto the bike trailer, with the driver supervising. The bike needs to be protected from theft. The passenger also needs to remove any and all valuable or fragile parts of the bike (lights, air-pumps, speedometers, bags, etc.) and objects that may detach.
  • If more bikes are being transported, the driver will first check out all the bikes and passengers. After that, the passengers will place their bikes onto the trailer.
  • When getting off, the passenger notifies the driver of that. After that, the passsenger may take their bike off the trailer, with the driver supervising once again.
  • Getting on and off with bikes is only possible at certain stops — those are marked in the timetable with a bike symbol. The number of bikes transported is limited by trailer capacity. Bikes may not be transported inside the bus.
  • Transporting a child's stroller or a wheelchair is higher priority than transporting bikes.

How to get your bike onto a bike-bus in Brno

When riding on either route 55 or 57 with a bike, here's what you need to do:
  • Before placing the bike onto the rack, passengers need to remove any and all valuable or fragile parts of the bike (lights, air-pumps, speedometers, bags, etc.) and objects that may detach.
  • The driver supervises the loading and unloading of the bike. Getting your bike onto the rack is more difficult than onto a trailer, in which case the driver will help you.
  • After hanging the bike onto the rack, the driver checks if it's mounted correctly and locks the bike, protecting it against theft. The passenger then receives a loop eye with the number of the bike's position on the rack.
  • When getting off, the passenger has to give the driver his loop eye. The driver unlocks the bike and helps with getting it off the rack.
  • Transporting a child's stroller or a wheelchair is higher priority than transporting bikes.

Special train services with extra bike room

For travels with bikes, we also recommend using special train services, in operation during the summer tourist season. These trains are equipped for transporting a larger number of bikes.
  • Pálava — Podyjí Express: EXP line: This line departs on weekends at about 8 AM from Brno Královo Pole railway station, continuing via Lesná, Židenice and the Central Train Station. Then, it continues toward Břeclav, Valtice, Mikulov, Znojmo and Šatov. This line serves as the single fastest connection between Brno and Pálava. The inbound service departs from Znojmo at about 6 PM and arrives at Brno about 2 hours later.
  • S3 line and S31 line: The "Pernštejn" express train departs on weekends at about 8 AM from Brno Central Train Station, stopping at Židenice, Lesná and Královo Pole. Then continues to Tišnov and as line S31 via Nedvědice, Bystřice nad Perštejnem toward Žďár nad Sázavou. An inbound service then returns to Brno in the evening. Please note that IDS JMK fares are applicable only between Brno and Rovné-Divišov.

Which ticket do I need

  • For a single journey use the ticket for bike that costs 35 CZK.
  • For a single journey on short distance up to 4 zones, use the single basic ticket that costs the same as a single adult ticket.
  • When travelling longer distances or taking an all-day trip, get the 70 CZK all-day bike ticket.
  • Owners of Brno passes (zones 100 + 101) valid for 2+ days may transport a bike within those zones for free on any vehicles with permitted bike transport. When going outside of those zones, however, he'll need an extra ticket.
  • Up to 2 adults + 3 children up to 15 can use one full-price 24-hours tourist ticket at non-working days (Saturdays, Sundays and state holidays). Instead of child a bike or dog or luggage can be transportedd. It means that with one full-price 24-hours ticket 2 adults + 2 bikes can be transported at non-working days.
  • Example 1: The owner of a pre-paid ticket valid for 2+ days for zones 100 + 101 travels from Líšeň to Kuřim. He doesn't need to pay for the tram journey. At the Central Train Station, he'll need to get a supplementary 1-zone ticket for 16 CZK for himself and the same one for the bike.
  • Example 2: The owner of a pre-paid ticket for zones 100, 101, 310, 320 and 330 wants to travel with a bike from Tišnov to Brno. The pre-paid ticket gets him through all the zones he'll visit; the bike gets transported for free within zones 100 + 101, however, an extra 3-zone ticket at 27 CZK is needed for the other 3 zones.
  • Example 3: A passenger without a pre-paid ticket wants to get his bike on a train from Brno Lesná to the Central Train Station. He'll need to get two tickets for 2 train stops and stamp them when getting on at Lesná.
  • Example 4: The owner of a pre-paid ticket valid for 2+ days for zones 100 + 101 wants to get his bike on a train from Lesná to the Central Train Station. Since both train stations are within those zones, he only has to produce the ticket to the ticket inspector; both him and the bike travel for free.

Best bike trips within IDS JMK

We recommend checking the connections with a journey planner.

Take the bike-bus to Vyškov and Drahanská vrchovina On weekends during the summer season, a direct bike-bus service departs from Brno Zvonařka toward Rousínov, Vyškov and Studnice. Initially as route 602, but continues from Vyškov as routes 730 and 750 without the need any trasfers. Buses depart from Zvonařka at 8:51 AM or 12:51 PM. You'll be able to get off at any stop marked with a bike symbol in the timetable and take your bike for a spin to the Drahanská vrchovina area. Adept cyclists may use the bike paths all the way to Brno, the less adept ones may use the inbound bike-bus service from Studnice with departures at 11:13 AM and 3:13 PM from Studnice, or at 12:11 PM and 4:11 PM from Luleč, respectively. To get to Studnice, you'll need an 8-zone ticket at 63 CZK for yourself, as well as one for the bike. If you own a Brno pass for zones 100 and 101, 6-zone tickets are enough. The driver will sell you the tickets if needed.

Discover the Moravský kras area from your bike On weekends, every 2 hours from 8 AM until 2 PM an S2 train service departs from the Central Train Station toward Blansko, where you can change to routes 231 or 233, that serve the Moravský kras area. Route 233 takes you to Sloup, where you can take your bike via the Pustý žleb ("Deserted path" in English), if you follow the red tourist marking, you'll eventually get to Punkevní jeskyně (the Moravský kras caves) and to Skalní mlýn. Adept cyclists can take the Suchý žleb path over the Macocha pit. We recommend going via Jedovnice, Hádek and then through Ochoz u Brna, the Říčky valley toward Mariánské údolí.

By train and bike-bus toward the Dalešice dam Take the 7:45 AM or 10:45 AM line S4 train and get off at Tetčice. Change to the connecting bike-bus 423 that takes you to Mohelno, where you can ride your bike around the Dalešice dam. You can then return by bike-bus again, or by train from Náměšť nad Oslavou, instead. You'll need a 7-zone ticket at 56 CZK for both yourself and the bike. Owners of Brno travelcards need 5-zone tickets at 42 CZK.

From Moravský Krumlov to Hrušovany u Brna From Moravský Krumlov, take the bike path toward Jezeřany-Maršovice for a nice 10km journey. Then continue to Pravlov, where you'll need to cross the Jihlava river and continue toward Němčičky and Medlov. During the ride, you can stop at any of the numerous restaurants for lunch. After your meal, you can set off for the final 7 km of your journey toward Hrušovany u Brna, where you can get a train to Brno. This route is great for families. From Brno, take the S41 train. On weekends, services depart at 6:49 AM, 8:49 AM, 10:54 AM and then every 2 hours, the journey is about 50 minutes long. When going from Brno Central Train Station, a 6-zone ticket at 49 CZK is needed. Owners of pre-paid tickets for zones 100 and 101 will do with a 4-zone ticket at 34 CZK. The best choice for your bike fare is the all-day bike ticket at 70 CZK. For the journey from Hrušovany u Brna to Brno, use the S3 train service departing every 30 minutes (at .00 and .26 minutes). A ticket for 4 zones is sufficient. Owners of pre-paid tickets for zones 100 and 101 will do with a 2-zone ticket at 20 CZK.

Břeclav — Lednice — Brno From the train station, ride through the city toward the hospital. From there, take a nice 8km section next to the Dyje river to Lednice, where you can visit the Lednice-Valtice UNESCO area or have lunch in Lednice. After that, continue via Zámecké náměstí and Slovácká St next to the castle gardens uptown, where you can ride on bike paths all the way to Podivín. The way back is about 13 km. We recommend taking the express train from Brno Central Train Station. To travel, you'll need 2 9-zone tickets; one for you and one for your bike. Owners of passes for zones 100 and 101 may buy 7-zone tickets.