Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Help and contacts

The official email for any inquiries suggestions and complaints. Inquiries are usually resolved within 2 business days.

Telefon: +420 5 4317 4317, dial 1

The unified all-regional non-stop phone number for breif inquiries regarding public transit in all of the South Moravian region. Use this phone number for inquiries that need to be resolved immediately, such as early departure of services or transfer time violations. For complicated inquiries, including ticket inspection, the Poseidon app or the best fares choices for a particular journey, email us at

Contact centres in Brno and Břeclav

In the IDS JMK Contact Centres in Brno (main underpass of the main train station) and Břeclav (corridor connecting the train and bus station) you can solve issues and questins regarding electronic ticketing and tickets payed by a bank card.

Opening hours both in Brno and Břeclav: working days from 8:00 till 18:00, Saturdays in the morning, Sundays in the afternoon.

Lost and found

If you lose something:
  • On a DPMB vehicle: Contact the DPMB infocenter in Brno, Novobranská 18 at +420 5 4317 4317 (dial 2) or by email See more information at the DPMB website. Belongings found in DPMB vehicles are mostly for pick up at the Brno Magistrate, (+ 420 542 173 012). See also a list of things given in to the Brno Magistrate (CZE only).
  • On a train or regional bus within IDS JMK: Call us at +420 5 4317 4317 (dial 1) for the Central IDS JMK dispatch center or send an email to It's also a good idea to try and contact the transit carrier itself.
  • In case of your season ticket being lost or stolen, email us at If it shows up, we'll inform you immediately. If not, you can get a duplicate season ticket once per year. See also how to get a duplicate season ticket.

Ticket inspection

For inquiries regarding the Poseidon app, email us at Make sure to include your whole name and the number of your ticket inspection protocol. Don't call us! Term of payment for early payment incentive penalty fares will get postponed while waiting for an email back; no need to push us for a faster reply. We cannot respond to ticket inspection inquiries over the phone, as we need to collect relevant data every time.

E-shop and tickets on bank cards

For inquiries regarding e-shop and tickets on bank cards email us at or visit us in the Contact Centers. Don't call us, please!

Poseidon app

For inquiries regarding the Posedion app, email us at Make sure to include the email you're registered with in Poseidon. Don't call us! If you forgot to include the variable symbol with your bank transfer, we'll return the money within ca. 14 days.

Group journeys

Groups of more than 10 people are obligated to inform us of their planned journeys at least 10 days in advance. Send your journeys to us at: Make sure to include the date of the journey and both the route and connection number (shown in timetables) that you'll be using, as well as the number of passengers and your phone number. If we confirm your appeal, services may be reinforced if needed. If you don't report your planned group journeys, you may not be eligible for transport due to insufficient capacity of vehicles.

Data clipboard


Mailing address

Nové sady 30
602 00 Brno

Phone contact

+ 420 543 426 651 Not for use for inquiries or complaints.

Bank and other information

Bank account: KB Brno-město, account number 27-7494550257/0100
IČO: 26298465
DIČ: CZ26298465
KORDIS JMK is a company listed within the trade index of the Regional trade court of Brno; section B, inset 6753.

Board of directors

Chairman: Václav Tvrdý
Deputy chairman: Bc. Jakub Hruška
Member of board: Pavel Dvořák
Member of board: Ing. Jan Seitl


Ing. Jiří Horský