Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Return of Season Tickets

Passengers can return all non-transferable IDS JMK electronic season tickets and electronic single ticket without stating a reason. It is not possible to return printed single-ride tickets, universal tickets, and transferable season tickets.


Passengers can return all non-transferable IDS JMK season tickets without stating a reason. To return a ticket purchased in the IDS JMK eshop, simply log in to your profile and click on the "MY VALID TICKETS" tab in the main menu. For the ticket you wish to return, you will find a "RETURN TICKET" checkbox. Subsequently, the proportional refund amount will be displayed. Depending on your preference, you can either enter your bank account number or the amount will be refunded to the bank card used for the ticket payment.


Tickets purchased in the IDS JMK POSEIDON application, including single-ride tickets, can be returned at any time before their validity begins, directly in the application in the ticket editing section.


If you have unused and valid single-ride tickets at home that you no longer need, it is not possible to return them. However, you can wait for a change in the IDS JMK Tariff. At that moment, you have the opportunity to exchange them for other tickets of the same value. Single-ride tickets, including universal tickets and transferable season tickets, cannot be returned. You can only return single-ride tickets from the previous tariff.

Formula for Calculating the Proportional Refund

If you want to get an approximate idea of the refund amount, you can use the following formula for calculation. The refunded amount depends on the type of ticket, the date of purchase, and the date of return.

The formula for the passenger's refund amount is: X = C - S - M - V, where

X - refunded amount to the passenger

C - price of the returned ticket

M - fee of 50 CZK

V - value of used vouchers

S -

  • for monthly tickets: S = C x P x 0.045, but at least 100 CZK;
  • for quarterly tickets: S = C x P x 0.015, but at least 100 CZK;
  • for annual tickets: S = C x P x 0.004, but at least 100 CZK.

P - the number of elapsed days of the ticket's validity, including the first day of validity and the day when the eligible person submitted the refund claim. The refunded amount is rounded down to the nearest whole CZK. Refund claims can only be made at the entity that issued the ticket.