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Electronic Tickets

What is the difference between a terminal and a validator?
  • Terminal: A multifunctional device located at the driver's cash desk on the bus. In addition to validating a valid subscription ticket, the terminal allows card payment directly on the bus for a single ride ticket.
  • Validator: Usually located at the second or third doors of the bus, it allows payment for single-ride tickets using a card in the Beep and Go! system. It also displays information about card transactions.
  • Is a visit to one of your Contact Centers required for registration?

    A visit is only necessary if you want to use a card in your mobile phone or watch, or if you did not upload your ID card during registration. Furthermore, a visit is required for discount groups that cannot prove their entitlement to a discount based on age, such as students aged 18 to 26 or retirees.

    What are the photo format requirements for an electronic ticket?

    The photo must accurately represent the current appearance of the person for whom the profile is being created. The person should be facing the camera. Tilted heads, looking over the shoulder, or manipulated photos are not accepted. The person in the photo should not wear sunglasses, have a covered face, or wear headgear (except for religious or medical reasons). If it's a scan of a physical photo, it should not be damaged in any way. The photo should not have color filters or various electronic modifications. Black and white photos are also not accepted.

    Can I link multiple accounts on

    Yes, you can set up an account that has access to other accounts, and you can make purchases or check tickets in them. This method is often used by parents to buy tickets for their children.

    Is uploading an ID card to the IDS JMK e-shop mandatory?

    It is not mandatory, but it is recommended. This will help you avoid a visit to the IDS JMK Contact Center for identity verification.

    What should I upload instead of an ID card for children under 15?

    You can upload a passport or birth certificate to the system. However, the information on the documents should be completely legible.

    Is data verification mandatory?

    Verification of personal data is mandatory, regardless of whether you request a discount or not. Failure to verify data over an extended period may result in the blocking of the travel document!

    Does unverified data affect the validity of the ticket?

    For discount categories that have not verified their discount in time, the validity of the ticket may be shortened or blocked.

    What payment card can I use for electronic tickets?

    You can use any contactless VISA or Mastercard payment card, regardless of the bank that issued the card. You can recognize a contactless card by the contactless payment card logo.

    Can I have one ticket on multiple carriers at the same time?

    For security reasons, it is not possible; the rule is one ticket, one carrier.

    Does the ticket work automatically in mobile phones and smartwatches? Or do I need to take additional steps?

    You need to visit the IDS JMK Contact Center, where they will read the numbers of these carriers for you. Mobile and watch cards do not have the same numbers as physical cards. Mobile and watch cards contain a token that regular users cannot detect on their own. This token is subsequently paired with your profile on our e-shop.

    Is it possible to combine a ticket from with paper single-ride tickets?

    Yes, of course, you can always (except for section and two-section tickets) combine a subscription ticket with another subscription or single-ride ticket, regardless of the form of the travel document. Electronic tickets have the same benefits as paper tickets.

    Where can I download a tax receipt for the purchased ticket?

    Tax receipts are automatically sent to the email address after purchase, which is registered on However, you can also generate a tax receipt retroactively after logging in to the e-shop in the "My Valid Tickets" section.

    How are payments and ticket validation secured? Do I need to worry about my money on the bank card?

    The e-shop and ticket validation follow standard banking standards. Therefore, there is no risk other than when using a bank card for normal transactions, such as in stores.

    How can I complain about a ticket or resolve discrepancies?

    In case of any discrepancies, you can contact the email address, or use the contact form directly on the e-shop.

    After purchasing a subscription ticket on, can I still buy single-ride tickets in the Beep and Go! system?

    Yes, these are interconnected systems managed by KORDIS JMK, a.s. In your account, you can see both subscription and single-ride tickets.

    Can I purchase monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription tickets through the IDS JMK Poseidon app?

    Unfortunately, no, the IDS JMK Poseidon app is exclusively used for purchasing single-ride tickets for IDS JMK.

    How will I prove my identity when traveling with an electronic ticket?
  • With a contactless payment card VISA or Mastercard (debit or credit)
  • With an emulated payment card on a mobile phone or smartwatch - a visit to the IDS JMK Contact Center is required before the first journey
  • With a contactless payment method in the form of wearable electronics - keychains or stickers - intended only for certain types of passengers!
  • How does ticket validation work on trains, buses, and with ticket inspectors?

    It's quite easy. You always tap your card - with the inspector, you tap it on their reader. On the bus, you tap it at the driver's cash desk, where you need to announce in advance that you have a subscription ticket on your card. On the train, you tap it on the conductor's reader. You can also watch a short informational video about traveling with an electronic ticket.

    I have multiple contactless payment cards in my wallet. Can I check in by placing the entire wallet on the cash desk or validator?

    Placing the entire wallet with multiple contactless cards on the reader can lead to signal interference between the cards, preventing successful validation. To avoid this situation, it's desirable to tap each card separately

    During ticket inspection, does the risk of a payment transaction occur when I tap my payment card on the inspector's reader?

    During ticket inspection, only encrypted card numbers are compared to the list of checked cards. There is no banking transaction during ticket inspection, so you don't have to worry about money being deducted from your account.

    What should I do if the conductor on the train cannot validate my ticket?

    Conductors have the obligation to call the IDS JMK Central Dispatch in such cases, provide your name and date of birth. The dispatch will then remotely verify the validity of your ticket.

    What should I do if my mobile phone or smartwatch runs out of battery? Is there an alternative way to validate the ticket?

    There is no established alternative method. If you're concerned about this, use a card for your ticket; it won't run out of battery. Otherwise, you'll need to buy a paper ticket.

    Beep and Go!

    How should I proceed when traveling in Brno?

    When traveling within Brno (zones 100 + 101), you have two options:

  • You can either choose a specific ticket when boarding, such as a 2-zone/15-minute or 60-minute ticket, and then you don't need to tap your card again when transferring.
  • Or you can choose the second option - tap your card each time you board and tap. The system will then automatically calculate the total amount you need to pay for the day. Within 60 minutes of your first tap, you won't pay for any additional tickets, even if you tap again. If you tap again after 60 minutes from the first tap, a new 60-minute ticket will be purchased. If you're taking a short trip of less than 15 minutes, it makes sense to tap off when you exit. Otherwise, you don't need to tap off.
  • How should I proceed when traveling outside of Brno?

    When traveling outside of Brno (outside of zones 100 + 101), always select a specific ticket when boarding - for example, a 5-zone/120-minute ticket - and then tap your card and pay. Validators sell a complete range of single-ride tickets except for segment tickets and some special tickets.

    Why was 1 CZK or 0 CZK deducted from my card?

    This charge only applies to MASTERCARD cards. When you first tap your card on the validator, a 1 CZK block is made as part of the MASTERCARD authorization process, which is released after the ticket price is charged and is not deducted from the passenger's account. It may happen that a new 1 CZK block appears when you tap your card again, but the previous 1 CZK block will no longer be displayed on your account statement. However, please note that the 1 CZK block will never be deducted from your account.

    I used the Beep and Go! service, and I don't know how much money the system deducted. Where can I find this information?

    On the first day, some of you may see a blocked amount on your statement (usually 25 CZK). The exact amount is calculated based on the number of trips the following day, and the bank will calculate everything after several days. So, there's no need to report the ticket price until you have the final amount on your bank statement. You can verify your payments on the website. In the lower right corner of the page, select "|LOG IN WITH A BANK CARD|". Enter the number and validity of your card, and then you'll see all transactions made with that card.

    What happens if I forget to tap off?

    Nothing serious will happen. You will pay a maximum of 20 CZK, instead of 25 CZK. Tapping off is not mandatory and is only used when you travel for less than 15 minutes to get a cheaper ticket.

    How should I proceed with a complaint?

    In such a case, write to us with the control chain for the ticket from your bank statement. It has the form of a 10-character string consisting of letters and numbers, such as 0fb4c6045a. Furthermore, we would greatly appreciate it if you could send us the last 4 digits of your bank card. If you are registered in the e-shop, simply provide your login email. You can contact us at

    Can I tap with a plastic bank card when boarding and use a mobile card when exiting?

    ❗ ️If you are using a card on your mobile phone, its number is different from the card in the form of a plastic card. Although the mobile phone displays the same card number, it sends a different number for security reasons. Therefore, it is not possible to tap with a mobile phone and tap off with a card. You always need to tap and tap off with the same device - either the card or the mobile. Otherwise, you will be charged for the ticket twice.

    Is it necessary to enter a PIN when using a payment card?

    No, terminals and validators will never require entering a PIN code.

    Znojmo rides!

    Is it necessary to buy an additional ticket for traveling within Znojmo with a valid ticket?

    No, if the ticket is valid in terms of zones and time, you can use it for traveling within Znojmo on city transport. If it's no longer valid, you'll need to purchase a ticket on the bus.

    What is the most cost-effective way to travel in Znojmo if I commute every day?

    The best option for REGULAR COMMUTERS in Znojmo is a subscription ticket - monthly, quarterly, or annual. You can buy them electronically on Tickets are assigned to a chip or bank card. You can buy a chip card at the IDS JMK Contact Center at the Znojmo train station for 30 CZK. If you use a bank card, you can handle everything from home.

    What is the most cost-effective way to travel if I don't commute regularly and a subscription ticket doesn't make sense?

    For OCCASIONAL TRAVELERS, we recommend using the mobile app POSEIDON, which allows you to easily purchase more affordable tickets within the city (non-transferable when charged for 11 CZK) and cheaper single tickets for the region.

    How can tourists travel around Znojmo?

    For CITY VISITORS AND TOURISTS, we recommend using the Beep and Go! system - this means that you just tap your card on the validator when boarding the bus - more information in the following text. The most convenient solution for tourists is a one-day Podyjí ticket for 130 CZK, which is valid for one person on working days and counts as 2 regular tickets on non-working days (for 2 people over 15 years) + 3 discounted tickets (for children under 15, dogs, luggage, in bike buses and trains, and bicycles).

    Which doors should I use and under what conditions when boarding?
  • BOARDING THROUGH THE FIRST DOORS - I board if I want to pay in cash or with a bank card directly to the driver.
  • BOARDING THROUGH THE SECOND DOORS - I board if I'm paying with a bank card using validators or if I'm boarding with a ticket from the IDS JMK Poseidon app or with a subscription ticket.
  • BOARDING THROUGH THE THIRD DOORS - I board with a subscription ticket or the IDS JMK Poseidon app.
  • I am a fare-paying passenger with a bank card, how will I travel in Znojmo?

    Passengers who do not have a valid ticket but have a bank card with contactless payment capability should board through the second set of doors. When traveling only within zone 800 (i.e., Znojmo and villages served by lines 801 to 809), an adult passenger without a discount simply needs to tap their card on the validator. No payment is made, and no confirmation is required. Automatically, a single-ride ticket for the specific journey will be sold for 12 CZK. If a transfer is made within 30 minutes, a transfer ticket for 16 CZK will be created, allowing travel to the final destination of the second journey. When disembarking, there is no need to use the card. It's not a problem if you tap the card multiple times in one vehicle; the ticket will only be deducted once.

    Will a ticket be printed when purchasing a ticket from the validator?

    No, it won't print, so please don't tap your card again! When you purchase a ticket from the validator, the ticket is linked to your bank card. During inspections, simply tap your card when requested by the inspector; no physical ticket will be printed.

    How can children with discounts who want to pay with a card at the validator travel?

    If a passenger eligible for a discount - a child or youth under 18 or a student aged 18 to 26 - wants to pay with a bank card at the validator, they need to create an account on the IDS JMK e-shop, add their bank card as a carrier, and set up their discount. Then, when paying with the card, half fare will be deducted. Without registration, the system cannot recognize the passenger's eligibility for a discount.

    What about the price ceiling for tickets within one day?

    If you travel within Znojmo (zone 800) on a single day and use your card to pay the fare by tapping it on the validator, you will pay a maximum of 40 CZK in one day (registered children and youth under 18 and students aged 18 to 26 pay a maximum of 20 CZK), even if you travel multiple times.

    What should I do if I start my journey on city transport and want to continue on a regional line outside zone 800 (Znojmo)?

    For journeys outside Znojmo, press the "additional tickets" button, select the appropriate number of tickets with the corresponding discounts, and then tap your card.

    Where can I find the current public transportation map for Znojmo?

    You can find the current map here.

    Where can I find the current timetables for public transportation in Znojmo?

    You can find all the timetables here.

    Traveling in Groups

    What are the conditions for traveling in groups?

    You do not need to notify us in advance for groups of up to 10 people. If you are traveling with more than 10 people, you must notify us at least 10 days in advance so that we can consolidate all requests and prepare the necessary transportation arrangements.

    Is it possible that we will not be transported as a group?

    Yes, especially if you do not report the group trip in time. At that moment, another large group with a registered trip may be using the service. Therefore, if you do not have confirmation of a registered group and the driver has no information about such a group, you may not be transported.

    How can I purchase tickets?

    Buy tickets for group transportation through the IDS JMK Poseidon app or through the e-shop. In both cases, you will receive or can generate a tax document. If you cannot use either of these options, you can use traditional methods to purchase tickets. Please note that group tickets and seat reservations cannot be purchased through the IDS JMK system!

    IDS JMK Poseidon App

    What is the purpose of the app?

    The app primarily serves for purchasing one-time and tourist tickets. You can use it to check the current departures from stops, download network plans, price lists, or timetables for all IDS JMK lines. But it has many more functions as well.

    For which platforms is the app intended?

    Currently, you can download the app for smartphones with the iOS and Android operating systems.

    Can I purchase subscription tickets through the app?

    The IDS JMK Poseidon app is not intended for subscription tickets. This app is exclusively for purchasing one-time tickets, so it cannot be used for electronic subscription tickets. To purchase subscription tickets in electronic form, please use our e-shop at

    How do I travel with the app?

    After selecting and purchasing a ticket, the system will generate a QR code, which you will subsequently show during inspections by a ticket inspector, on the train, or when boarding a regional bus with the driver.