Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Q&A to electronic ticketing and Pipni-a-Jed system

From: 5/13/20 10:00 PM

To: 9/14/20 9:59 PM

Both in Brno public transport, in trains and in regional buses in the South Moravian Region you can pay by a bank card. In Brno Public transport for a journey in Brno you just tap with your card a validator. No selecting tickets is needed. No paper ticket is issued, electronic ticket is connected to your card. 

  • Why 1 CZK has been deducted from my account? It is only a validity check of your card. The amount is returned to your account within several days.
  • When I have a prepaid seasonal ticked for Brno, can a validator deduct money from my bank card if I tap it by mistake? No, in this case you must to choose a ticket manually, validator can only deduct 1 CZK for checking purposes.
  • I used a Pipni-a-Jed service yesterday. I do not know how much money I should pay. It is all right – first day a specific amount of money on the card is blocked (usually 25 CZK) but the precise sum is calculated based on number of journeys next day. On your bank account you will see the results after several days.
  • What if I forget to check-out the card? Nothing special. You will just pay 25 CZK instead of 20 CZK. The check-out is not obligatory, it is used only to buy a cheaper ticket valid for 15 minutes.
  • How can I find out, how many journeys I did and how much I payed? Just go to and enter your credit card number or if you are registered, just check-in. You will see all movements with your card and all tickets connected to your card.
  • How can I complain? Please use the previous point first. If the situation is still not clear, please send us the control string connected to ticket from the bank statement. It is a string with totally 10 numbers and letters (e.g.  0fb4c6045a). We highly appreciate if you send us 4 last digits of your bank card. If you are registered in our eshop, just send us your registered email.