Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Diversion Modřice, Masarykova I

From: 6/6/24 10:00 PM

To: 8/31/24 9:59 PM

From 6 June 2024 from 18:00 until 31 August 2024 the operation on lines 510, 49 and N94 will be modified:

Bus line 510 in the direction of Olympia runs between the stops Modřice, žel. Modřice, Husova and Modřice, Masarykova. In the opposite direction it follows its route with all stops served. Departure of all connections from Olympia is delayed by 2 minutes from 7 June 2024, arrival to Olympia is delayed by 2 minutes!

 Bus lines 49 and N94 going to Olympia will run in the section Modřice, Žižkova - Modřice, náměstí via Husova, Nádražní and Benešová streets.
- In the direction of Olympia they will skip the stop Modřice, Masarykova.
- On the diversion route, they will serve the stops Modřice, Husova and Modřice, railway station.
- In the direction to Přízřenice, both lines (line N94 from Olympia) will follow the regular route along Masarykova Street.

Change of stops:
Modřice, Husova; Modřice, Masarykova - without service in the direction of Olympia

Timetables :