Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Diversion Malá Lhota

From: 5/12/24 10:00 PM

To: 6/30/24 9:59 PM

Due to the repair and extension of the water main in the village of Malá Lhota, traffic will be modified as follows from 13 May to 30 June 2024:

Line 313 will run between Žernovník and Újezd u Černá Hora with a two-way diversion via Černá Hora. On the diversion route, it will serve the Černá Hora, Na Škrku stop exceptionally in both directions to ensure selected connections between lines 313 and 235. No other stops will be served by line 313 on the diversion route. During the closure, the stop Újezd u Černá Hora, SDP will not be served in both directions.

The village of Malá Lhota will be served by public transport only from the north (from Žernovník). 
The Malá Lhota stop (direction Kuřim) will be temporarily closed. The Malá Lhota stop (direction Lysice) will be bi-directional.
On weekdays, the village is served most of the day by special-purpose lines running only in the section Žernovník, ObÚ <-> Malá Lhota. They will provide a link to the standard connections of line 313 and line 235 to Žernovník and from the connections of lines 313 and 235 from Žernovník to Malá Lhota.
In the parts of weekdays (especially in the evening) and at the weekend, the connections from Kuřim to Lysice and vice versa will be operated including a connection to Malé Lhota and back.
Some transfer connections between line 313 and 235 are moved from the Žernovník, ObÚ stop to the Černí Hora, Na Škrku stop, follow the connection lines in the closure timetables.

Change of stops:
Černá Hora, Na Škrku - for the duration of the closure exceptionally served by line 313 in both directions
Újezd u Černá Hora, SDP - cancelled in both directions during the closure without compensation, the regular stop Újezd u Černá Hora can be used
Malá Lhota (direction Kuřim) - cancelled for the duration of the closure, the Malá Lhota stop in the direction Žernovník - Lysice serves as a substitute

Timetables :