Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Tram Diversion to Stránská skála

From: 2/13/24 11:00 PM

To: 4/26/24 9:59 PM

Due to the repair of the tram line, trams to Stránská skála will be excluded from Wednesday 14 February 2024 for a period of approximately two months.
All connections of tram line 10 will run from the Krásného stop by diverting to the Novolíšeňská smyčka. It will not be possible to serve the tram stops Podstránská, Stránská skála and Stránská skála - smyčka.
Alternative transport:
Alternative transport for the Zetor site will be provided by bus line x10 on the semi-circular route Novolíšeňská - Zetor - smyčka - ZKL - Slévárna Heunisch - Zetor - road - Novolíšeňská.
Changes of stops:
Podstránská - without service by line 10, served by regular bus line 75
Stránská skála - without service, as a substitute it is possible to use line x10 (serves stops in the Zetor area)
Stránská skála - smyčka - unattended, substitute line x10 (serves stops in the Zetor area)