Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Thursday's closure on line S41 in the section Rakšice - Miroslav

From: 10/5/23 6:15 AM

To: 10/5/23 11:35 AM

On Thursday 5 October 2023 from 8:15 to 13:35, trains of line S41 in the section Rakšice - Miroslav will be replaced by buses of alternative transport running according to the closure timetable of line xS41.

Transport of bicycles:
Bicycles are not transported on the replacement buses.

Replacement bus stops:
▪ Rakšice - at the station building at the bus stop IDS JMK "Moravský Krumlov, Rakšice, žel. st.";
▪ Bohutice - in the village at the bus stop of the JMK IDS buses "Bohutice"
▪ Miroslav - at the bus stop "Miroslav, rozcestí 4.0"