Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Bus diversion in Vážany

From: 9/10/23 10:00 PM

To: 12/9/23 10:59 PM

Due to the reconstruction of the bridge over Vážanský žleb, the operation of lines 611, 620, 630 and 631 will be modified from 11 September to 9 December 2023.

Line 611: Connection 311 departs from Sokolnice as early as 7:06.
Line 620: Connections run from Slavkov u Brna via Křenovice and Hrušky to Vážany na Litavou. It does not serve the railway station in Slavkov u Brna.
Line 630: Modification or cancellation of selected connections.
Line 631: Reduction of connection 67 by 10 minutes.

Change of stops:
Slavkov u Brna, žel. st. - without service by line 620
Slavkov u Brna,rozc. k žel. st. 0.5 - without service by line 620
Vážany nad Litavou; Vážany nad Litavou, u mlýna; Hrušky - served in the opposite direction

Timetables :