Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region

NEWS: Long-term train closure in the section Hodonín - Kobylí na Moravě during non-working days

From: 9/1/23 10:00 PM

To: 10/6/23 9:59 PM

From 2 September 2023 continuously until 06 October 2023, all trains of line S52 will be replaced by buses of alternative transport (NAD) running according to the closure timetable of line xS52 during Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in the section Kobylí n.M. - Hodonín.

Transport of bicycles:
Transport of bicycles is provided on selected connections according to the closure timetable.

Replacement stops:
▪ Kobylí na Moravě - at the station building
▪ Brumovice - at the stop of IDS JMK buses "Brumovice, žel. Brumovice station - at the railway station "Brumovice".
▪ Čejč - in the village at the bus stop "Čejč, náměstí" (direction Hodonín - stop No. 2, direction Kobylí - stop No. 5)
▪ Mutěnice bus stop - on Prostřednice street in the extended area near the railway crossing.
▪ Mutěnice - in the village at the bus stop "Mutěnice, křižovatka"
▪ Hodonín - at the station building at the bus stop IDS JMK "Hodonín, žel. st."

Timetables :