Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Exclusion of buses in the section Dohnalova - Klarisky

From: 2/7/23 11:00 PM

To: 6/30/23 8:30 PM

Due to the ongoing construction of the storm sewer system and reconstruction of the water supply system, traffic will again be excluded in the part of Útěchovská Street in Soběšice from 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday 8 February 2023 until the completion of the work (expected by the end of June 2023). Bus lines 43 and N93 will run in the Dohnalova - Klarisky section in both directions on Klokočí, Výzkumní, Na kovárně and Zeiberlichova streets.

Changes of stops:
- The Dohnalova stop in the direction from the centre will be moved back approximately 200 metres (behind the intersection with Růženec Street). In the direction to the centre it will be served in its regular position.
- In both directions, the Na kovárně stop will be relocated to Na kovárně Street to the intersection with Útěchovská Street.
- The Rozárka stop will also be served in the direction to the centre (together with line 57).

Timetables :