Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Diversion of the line 201

From: 10/31/22 11:00 PM

To: 12/10/22 10:59 PM

From 1 November to 10 December 2022 the closure on line 201 continues. All connections are diverted between Křtiny and Jedovnice. The detour route will serve the stops Rudice and Jedovnice, Chaloupky. The transfer between lines 201 and 231 in the connection Brno - Blansko and vice versa is moved to the Rudice stop.
The timetables of lines 157 and 231 are being changed to ensure guaranteed connections with line 201.

Change of stops:
Křtiny, dělnická čtvrt'; Křtiny, háj. Na lukách; Jedovnice, sawmill - without service
Jedovnice, Újezd - for line 201 replaced by Jedovnice, Chaloupky
Rudice - also served by line 201

Timetables :