Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Diversion Tetčice

From: 8/31/22 10:00 PM

To: 12/10/22 10:59 PM

From 1 September 2022 to 10 December 2022, the operation of IDS JMK lines in the area of Tetčice will be modified.

Line 406 will run between the stop Tetčice, ž and Brno, Nemocnice Bohunice by diverting away from the stops Rosice, Husova and Rosice, STK.
Line 423 will run between the stops Tetčice, railway station and Rosice, Trávníky via the stops Rosice, STK and Rosice, Brněnská. The stop Rosice, Husova will be omitted.

Change of stops:
Rosice, Husova is not served by lines 406 and 423. The stop Rosice, Brněnská is served by lines 405 and 423 instead.
Rosice, STK is not served by line 406.

Timetables :