Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Restriction of buses in Hradecká Street in Brno

From: 8/9/22 10:00 PM

To: 8/20/22 9:59 PM

Due to the reconstruction of the road surface, buses will not be able to enter Hradecká Street from Novoměstská Street from Wednesday 10 August 2022 until the completion of the works (presumably by Saturday 20 August 2022).

In the direction from Řečkovice to Královo Pole, bus lines 42 and 70 will again be diverted via Žitná, Kuřimská and Palackého třída.
• The Žitná stop will be relocated to Žitná Street behind the intersection with Kořísková Street.
• On the diverted route, both lines will be served by Hudcova (tram stop), Tylova (bus stop) and Semilasso (trolleybus and bus stop in Kosmova Street).