Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Diversion Šlapanice, Bedřichovice, rozcestí

From: 7/31/22 10:00 PM

To: 8/14/22 9:59 PM

Due to construction work, from 1 to 14 August 2022 line 151 will be divided into 2 parts (Brno, Jírova - Šlapanice, Bedřichovice, rozc. and Šlapanice, Bedřichovice, rozc. - Židlochovice).
Connections running from Podolí turn around in front of the closed roundabout in the area of the regular stops Šlapanice, Bedřichovice, crossroads.
Connections running from Šlapanice turn around on local roads in Bedřichovice via Hlavní - Studýnky and Lipová streets. The stop Šlapanice, Bedřichovice, crossroads has been moved to Hlavní Street.

The connection of the night bus line N96 normally going to Mariánské údolí will be terminated at the stop Šlapanice, Kalvodova.

Change of stops:
Stop Šlapanice, Bedřichovice, rozc. for connections from/to Šlapanice moved to Hlavní Street.
Stop Šlapanice, Bedřichovice, rozc. for connections from/to Podolí unchanged.

Timetables :