Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Bus diversion Želešice

From: 5/15/22 10:00 PM

To: 8/20/22 9:59 PM

From 16 May the closure will continue via Želešice.

Line 510:
Part of the connections is between the stops Modřice, Tyršova (or Modřice, loop) and Ořechov, zdrav. The route via Rajhrad and Syrovice is non-stop. Selected connections terminated in a traffic-free state at the Ořechov, Jeřábkova stop are extended to Hajany. Passenger transport between Modřice, žel. st. and Želešice, near Sulzry is provided by a minibus of the carrier, which runs along the Modřice, Evropská street (with the service of the temporary stop of the same name), then along the temporary road connecting the CTPark area with Želešice. Here it continues along Družstevní, Polní (with service of the relocated stops Želešice, on the hill and Želešice, inn), 24. dubna and Petra Bezruče to the relocated stop Želešice, u Sulzrů. Selected connections are then extended to the relocated stop Želešice, near the motorway and further to Hajany. In the Ořechov-Hajany section, special-purpose connections are also introduced with guaranteed continuity at the Ořechov, ObÚ stop with buses to/from Modřice.

School connection No 281, which continues from SIlůvek to Ivančice, is routed from Ořechov, where it arrives on line 501. In the opposite direction, connection 282 is routed via Syrovice to Modřice, connection 284 only to Ořechov, from where it continues again on line 501 to Brno.

Line 404
Connections from Brno to Radostice return to their original, non-switched positions.

Change of stops:
Modřice, Evropská - a new stop in Evropská Street for the direction to Želešice and on II/152 opposite the construction site for the direction to Modřice.
Zelesice, na kopci - relocated to Šlechtitelská Street
Želešice, hostinec - relocated to Družstevní Street behind the bridge over the Bobrava River
Želešice, u Sulzrů - transferred to Petra Bezruče Street
Želešice, u dálnice - relocated to the mouth of the access road from the quarry to the road II/152
Hajany - for connections (Modřice-)Ořechov-Hajany moved to the building of the municipal office, for connections to/from Želešice no change except for school connection No. 310, which also goes from the municipal office.
Ořechov, zdrav. středisko - no service for services diverted via Syrovice, no change for services to/from Hajany

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