Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Diversion Želešice

From: 4/5/22 10:00 PM

To: 8/12/22 9:59 PM

From 6 April to 12 August 2022 the operation of line 510 via Želešice will be modified.
All connections run bidirectionally between the stops Modřice, Tyršova (or Modřice, loop) and Želešice, at Sulzry via a detour route through the premises of CTP Modřice and the special purpose road connecting CTP with Šlechtitelská Street in Želešice. The stops Želešice, on the hill and Želešice, inn will be relocated to the detour route during the closure, the stop Želešice, u Sulzrů will remain in the relocated position in front of the primary school building.

Please note that the transfer from tram line No. 2 to bus line No. 510 will be moved to the Modřice, Tyršova stop during the closure!

Change of stops:
Želešice, na kopci - transferred to Šlechtitelská Street
Želešice, inn - transferred to Družstevní Street behind the bridge over the Bobrava River
Želešice, u Sulzrů - relocated in front of the primary school building

Timetables :