Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Train diversion Brno hl. n. - Brno-Židenice

From: 3/26/22 11:00 PM

To: 11/27/22 10:59 PM

From 27 March 2022 continuously until 27 November 2022 at 23:59, train operation between the Main Railway Station and Židenice will be restricted due to the reconstruction of the bridge over Šámalova Street. The restriction will apply to train lines R8, R9, R56, S3 and S6.

Line R8: In the section Brno hl.n. - Brno-Královo Pole trains are cancelled without compensation. All trains on line R8 are terminating and departing from Brno hl.n. according to the R8 line closure timetable.
Line R9: Trains R9/971, 973, 991, 990, 988 will pass through the single-track section Brno hl.n. - Brno-Židenice to/from Brno hl.n. station. A replacement bus (NAD) will run to/from Brno hl.n. station from/to Brno Dolní nádraží.
Line S3:Some trains are terminated/departure at Brno hl.n. and Brno Dolní nádraží according to the S3 line closure timetable. Tram line P6 will run from selected trains from Brno Králova Pole.

Alternative transport for trains:
Due to the reconstruction of the railway line between the stations Brno-Zidenice and Brno hlavní nádraží, selected trains will be diverted to the station Brno dolní nádraží from Sunday 27 March 2022. To provide alternative transport, tram line P6 will be established and bus line 61 will be extended.
Tram line P6 will operate only in the morning hours on weekdays and will run along the route Královo Pole, nádraží - Hlavní nádraží (- Nové sady - smyčka).
Line 61 in the direction to the city centre will run from the Soukenická stop (serving the stop of night lines N90 and N96 in Nové sady Street) via the stops Hlavní nádraží (stop of night lines N94 and N95 "u zdi") and Úzká (stop of line E76 in Dornych Street) to the stop Dolní nádraží. It will therefore not serve the final stop Úzká (u Vaňkovky).
Line 61 in the direction of Bohunice will run from the Dolní nádraží stop via the Autobusové nádraží stop (stop of lines 12 and 40 in the direction of the centre) to its regular stop Úzká (u Tesco) and then continue along its route towards Nemocnice Bohunice.
Selected connections of line 61 will only run in the section Dolní nádraží - Hlavní nádraží and back. Line 61 will also run in this section in the early morning and late evening hours and on non-working days.

Tariff information:
During the period of the closure, travel documents issued by the carrier RegioJet from/to the station Brno-Královo Pole on the line S3 in the section Brno hl.n. - Brno-Královo Pole on the line R8 are accepted. It is sufficient to present a ticket printed on a home printer or to display the ticket in the mobile application. It must always be evident that the passenger has purchased a travel document for the route to/from Brno-Kr. Pole from stations on the route of the R8 line valid in the relevant direction and time. Line S3 replaces the cancelled routes of R8 trains in the given section.

Alternative bus transport stops:
- Brno hl.n. - on Nádražní street near Křenová viaduct;
- Brno Dolní nádraží - in front of the station building

Timetables :