Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Long-term diversion Uherčice

From: 11/14/21 11:00 PM

To: 6/19/22 9:59 PM

From 15 November 2021 until about mid-2022, the operation of lines 816, 830 and 831 will be modified due to road repairs - village Uherčice.
Lines 816 and 831 will run in the section between the stops Uherčice, u parku and Uherčice, farm Mitrov with a two-way diversion.

Change of stops:
Uherčice, statek Mitrov is moved to the road II/409 before turning to the detour route.
Uherčice, u parku is moved to the junction of roads II/409 and II/411 to the area in front of the municipal office.