Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Diversion of the line 504

From: 6/23/24 10:00 PM

To: 8/31/24 9:59 PM

From 24 June to 31 August 2024 the operation on line 504 will be modified as follows:
Weekend connection 301 of line 504 (departure Ústřední hřbitov at 5:18) will run between the stops Rajhrad, Stará pošta and Ledce, ObÚ via Syrovice.
Weekday connection 10 of line 504 (departure Ledce at 15:11) will run between the stops Ledce, ObÚ and Syrovice, logistics complex via Syrovice.

Change of stops:
Sobotovice, rozcestí - out of service