Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region

Diversion in Vyškov

From: 3/21/23 11:00 PM

To: 5/8/23 9:59 PM

From 22 March to 8 May 2023 there will again be a closure in Vyškov - Vyškov-bridge, which will affect urban and regional lines.

Overview of changes on city lines:
Line 741 will be shortened to the route Poliklinika - Na Vyhlídce
Line 742 will be shortened to the route Na Vyhlídce - Poliklinika
Line 743 will be unchanged
Line 744 selected connections are extended from the stop Dědice, barracks via Pustiměř to the industrial zone.
The stop in Pustiměř is only for boarding in the direction of the industrial zone and for alighting in the direction of Dědice.

Regional lines:
Lines 753 and 754 timetables are being modified (minor shifts of time positions of selected connections).
Lines 755 and 756 will run in both directions between the stops Vyškov, railway station and Pustiměř, including a diversion via Vyškov-Dědice, according to the closure timetable. They do not serve any stop on the diversion route. On both lines there are dedicated connections to serve the industrial zone and the Sochorova secondary school.

Change of stops:
Pustiměř, rozc. 0.1 - moved behind the Radslavice junction outside line 755 line 23, also served by line 744
Pustiměř, u kříže - without service outside connection 23 of line 755
Vyškov, Airport and Vyškov, Sochorova - without service.
Vyškov, Dukelská purchase. Wed. and Vyškov, u podchodu - without service by lines 755 and 756, substituting the stop Vyškov, Dělnický dům
Vyškov, Dělnický dům - substitute stop for lines 755 and 756 for the unattended stop Vyškov, u podchodu
Vyškov, Remagg; Vyškov, Fritzmeier; Vyškov, Tovární and Vyškov, Pustiměřská - not served by lines 741 and 742, substituted by line 744

Timetables :