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Actual News and Diversions

Region: Diversion in Letovice - lines 256, 270, 274 a 275

This diversion starts 7. 7. 2015 and ends 30. 11. 2015.

Bus lines No. 256, 270, 274 and 275 have new route and timetable.


Region: Change on the line 422

From 21th October till 30th November, 2015 the line no. 422 will go via Babice u Rosic, Zbýšov and Padochov in section Kratochvilka and Neslovice.

Bus stop Neslovice, škola will not serve.

Diversion on the line 75 - Slatina

From Saturday 17th October 2015 till 30th November there will be limited public transport in area of the railway station Brno-Slatina.

Line no. 75 will be ended in stop Slatina, závod.


Region: Change on the line 259 - news

The regional bus line 259 will be diverted in section Boskovice, Sušilova ZŠII and Újezd u Boskovic  from 1st October till 31th May 2015.


Change on the regional bus line 817

Regional bus line 817 will be diverted from 28th September till 30th November 2015.

Line 817 will go via Citonice and Bezkov in section Znojmo, Pražská Policie ČR and Mašovice, lom.



New version of journey planner

Dear visitors. We have prepared a modification of the journey planner for you. Now you can just add the name of station or address. Four buttons have been added - additional stop, departure/arrival, low floor vehicles and switching starting and stopping points.

Diversion on the lines S6 and R6

Dear passengers,

from 1. 8. till 30. 11. 2015 diversion on the lines S6 a R6 will take place in section Brno - Nesovice.

The trains will be substituted by buses/4 lines:

xR6: Brno, hl. n. - Slavkov u Brna - Bučovice - Nesovice
xS6A: Brno, hl. n. - Tržní - Řípská - Slavkov u Brna -
Křižanovice - Marefy - Bučovice - Nevojice - Nesovice
(- Nemotice - Bohuslavice u Kyjova - Kyjov)
xS6B: Brno, hl. n. - Tržní - Řípská - Šlapanice - Ponětovice
- Blažovice - Křenovice dolní zast. - Slavkov u Brna
X: Brno, Židenice - Řípská - Brno, Slatina

Notice: Buses from Brno hl. n. will depart from Uhelna street - car park near Tesco.




Diversion between Pavlov and Dolní Věstonice - line 570

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