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Actual News and Diversions

Diversion on the line S91 Strážnice - Hodonín

Trains of the line S91 in section Strážnice - Hodonín will be substituted by buses from 28th October till 1st November 2016.

Holidays and Public Holiday

Holidays 26th and 27th October

Region - valid timetables for working days. Any buses and trains do not operate. Check timetables.

Brno (lines 1-99) valid timetables for Holidays.


Public Holidays 28th October

Region - valid timetables for Saturday and Sunday. Check timetables.

Brno (lines 1-99) valid timetables for Saturday.



Diversion on the lines 159 and 912

Diversion on the lines No. 159 and 912 will take place from 11th October till 30th November 2016.

Line 159 will operate via Milotice.

You can download special timetables of the lines 159 and 912.


Long-term diversion on the 202

From 10th October 2016 the bus line 202 will operate only in section Brno, Židenice - Ochoz u Brna, myslivna pod Hádkem.

For travelling to Hostěnice use the bus line 701.


Diversion on the line 223

Diversion on the line 223 will continue till 10th December 2016.

Diversion on the line 232 continues

Diversion on the bus line 232 will continue from 26th September till 10th December 2016 between Vysočany and Niva.

See the special timetable.

Diversion in section Veselí nad Moravou – Blatnice p. Sv. Ant.

Dear passengers,

from 29th September till 30th November the bus line 932 will be diverted between Veselí nad Moravou and Blatnice pod Sv. Antonínkem via Kozojídky – Hroznová Lhota – Tasov – Lipov – Louka (without serving stops along the diversion route).


Diversion on the line S2

Train on the line S2 will be substituted by buses 28th October 2016, from 8:30 till 16:30.


Diversion on the line S31 Tišnov - Nedvědice

Trains of the line S31 will be substituted by buses in section Tišnov - Nedvědice 25th October from 7:30 a.m. till 5:30 p.m. and 26th October from 7:30 a.m. till 5:30 p.m.

Diversion in Březina near Křtiny

Due to road works in Březina near Křtiny from 12th September 2016 till est. April 2017 route of the line 201 will be changed in section Březina, Táborská - Křtiny, kino and connecting point to the line 157 will be moved to the bus stop Křtiny, ObÚ.

Please see the diversion timetables.

Diversion on the line 250

From 15th August till 30th November 2016 a special timetable will apply on the bus line no. 250 in Boskovice.

Diversion on the line 420

Diversion Lednice - Podivín (lines 540, 550, 555 and 570)

From 1st July 2016 it will continue the diversion Lednice - Podivín.

Diversion on the line 64

From 1st July till est. 31st October 2016 the bus line 64 will not serve stops Buzkova and Mošnova.

Bus diversion between Bzenec and Strážnice

Due to road closure between Bzenec and Strážnice from 12th September till 30th November 2016 bus line 665 will be diverted via Veselí nad Moravou, without serving stops on the line's diversion route.

In connection with the diversion minor changes occurs also in timetables of the lines: S91, 666, 667, 920, 931, 933 and 934.

Diversion on the line R4 Brno - Náměšť nad Oslavou

All trains on the line R4 will be substituted by buses in section Brno - Náměšť nad Oslavou – (Třebíč – Krahulov) from 12th August till 8th December 2016.

Diversion between Pavlov and Dolní Věstonice - line 570

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